July 26th, 2011 / 3:16 pm

Art Observed (Going Places)

This week: Always almost there. A blurry image tells more than you think. “Suggested Donation,” means never pay more than 1 cent to get into The Met. A broken toilet can still be used (just don’t flush). – TD

* * *

Truett Dietz sometimes DJs, climbs on things, dances a little, and he often eats to the point of illness.



  1. deadgod

      the misfittier the picture, the prettier the shitter

  2. postitbreakup

      I took acid and rode my bike to see The Roommate but must have gone the wrong way because by the time I got to the theater the movie was over.  I tried to sneak into the next showing but it was some 3-d movie and everyone was blurry and being attacked by aliens.  I must really be tripping balls, I thought, and hoped to recover in the bathroom. But every toilet was busted as if by 3-d-movie-watching alien vandals!  When I got into the lobby leather-clad corpses were strewn around the theater’s floor like popcorn kernels and condom wrappers, and this sight coupled with the promotional music video’s blaring sent me rushing outside.  My bike was gone and the only car in the parking lot was covered in Rapture-ready bumper stickers and the hazy sky dissolved to black as the streetlights towered over me like glowing crucifixes and I felt God’s wrath striking me in the form of a suddenly oncoming gray semi.

      Turns out hell is a comedy club run by gorillas!

  3. mimi

      Is this another one of them-there caption-writing contests?