June 21st, 2011 / 9:10 pm

Brazil is on @Max right now

Do you guys like that movie?

Do you guys have a premium movie channel package?

Do you guys watch Max After Dark, i.e., Skinemax?

I mean, how was your day?

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  1. M. Kitchell

      hate this movie
      hate terry gilliam
      hate dutch angles

      no premium movie channel package, but that’s what torrents are for amirite

      my day was alright idk my job is soulsuckinglydull

  2. gavin

      Love, love, love that movie.  Love Skinemax too, just don’t have it anymore.  But man, 1985, sneaking downstairs after my dad was asleep, catching The Hitchhiker followed by all that soft porn, not knowing what to say the next day over breakfast, just knowing I knew a secret and that secret was the future.  Somehow, I think, I got to Brazil from there . . .

  3. postitbreakup

      we get showtime, but i hate them now for cancelling us of tara

      i’ve been wanting to see brazil though, it’s on my netflix queue.  only movie of his i’ve seen is fear and loathing.  well, i tried to watch that heath ledger one but only saw a few minutes of it.

      skinemax… i think i watched it once or twice but once i figured out there was no full frontal it seemed silly, with the internet at my fingertips and all

      my day was awful, blahblah.

  4. postitbreakup

      where’d you learn this dutch angles term you in film classes or something?  i had to wiki it.  do you just hate them for being so dramatic, or…?  

      uhhhh mise en scene diegetic un chien andalou, that’s my film class remembrance, right there

      i miss torrents, i got one of those letters and had to stop

  5. M. Kitchell

      idk i spent basically all of my spare time from ages 13-22 watching, reading about, thinking about, and writing about movies, so it’s just something i ‘picked up’ somewhere i guess.  i hate them because they’re obnoxious and sort of cater to some idea of ‘wackiness’ or something 

  6. postitbreakup

      hey self-taught, that’s cool.  seems like everyone here is super motivated and shit.  i think the only thing i ever taught myself was HTML, now i just cry all day etc instead.  

      so what are some of your favorite movies, if that’s not too off topic for this thread?  i bet you really hate darren aronofsky 

  7. M. Kitchell
  8. M. Kitchell
  9. mimi

      my favorite line in ‘brazil’ is ‘my complication had a little complication’ 
      my day was great

  10. postitbreakup

      shittttttt, i’ve only fucking seen 4 of those movies out of 50… i’ve got lots of living to do…  

      i really liked inland empire and twin peaks fwwm is in my top 3 for sure.  i saw it before the series, so the series was actually kind of a letdown to me.  also liked possession a lot, martyrs not so much.

      feel like such a philistine.  hey, i’ve seen every episode of six feet under 3 or 4 times does that count for anything?  ahhhh probably not.  

      checking out your blog now

  11. postitbreakup

      the whole simultaneously enjoying robbe-grillet and ramona & beezus thing is stupidly sexy to me. sigh

  12. postitbreakup

      feel weird posting this here but don’t see any way to email.  the blogs are really cool.  obviously a lot to digest but a few things tuck out.  i have a weird image of seeing puppet master on the sci fi channel as well, seeing the little things coming out of the cabinet and thinking it was a kid’s movie and then it wasn’t, but i never watched the whole thing.  it’s on netflix instant so i’m gonna watch it in a few minutes.  the thoughts on stephen king were kinda hilarious.  even though i like him i know you’re right, especially about the mist.  i remember really enjoying eyes wide shut so i’m scared to watch it again now that i know the tom cruise question thing, but it’s definitely believable.  i also never realized you were magick mike from DC’s. i think it’s fucking terrible of your workshop teacher to say that about “intersection” and i hope all that worked out in the years since.  you know from all my bullshit on here that my tastes will always be more ramona & beezus than zulawski or whatever, but if i were a teacher i wouldn’t ever say that shit to my students.  i wish i were 1/10th as dedicated re: sticking with writing, not being paralyzed by people’s expectations, and processing all the media i consume in a meaningful way instead of like a zombie.  respect

  13. Mike Meginnis

      I love Brazil. It’s exhausting in the way I can’t describe that all of his movies are exhausting in, but it’s also very funny and sad and frightening and fun.

  14. nick

      kitchell, your top 50 list is insane. i love it. two lane blacktop. last year at marienbad. in a year with 13 moons. incredible. don’t ever change.

  15. nick

      kitchell, your top 50 list is insane. i love it. two lane blacktop. last year at marienbad. in a year with 13 moons. incredible. don’t ever change.

  16. shaun gannon

      brazil is one of my favorite movies
      i have a premium movie package including the HBOs and the Cinemaxes but lately all i watch is stuff on Netflix (just finished all 9 seasons of X-files yesterday)
      i just woke up 2 hours ago after sleeping for probably 16-18 hours, which ruled

  17. M. Kitchell

      wait holy fuck you finished all 9 seasons of X-files?
      damn son
      i have been ‘thinking about that’
      but holy fuck
      that’s so much time

  18. shaun gannon

      yeah, with the first movie inbetween 2 seasons, but i haven’t watched the 2nd one yet. it took me a while but i was training at home for my summer job and had a lot of free time. the desire to watch is is circuituous too because once you get to s9 you realize you really miss the atmosphere/characters/story type/story progression of the early seasons, which feel a lot like twin peaks, while later seasons feel like, i dunno, boring x-files rehashes. there are maybe 6 not-lame episodes in the last 2 seasons, and 2 or 3 really good ones. i decided to skip the middleman and watch twin peaks again instead, which was also spurred by lynch releasing all those alternate takes of the soundtrack songs on his website

  19. Victor Schultz

      i have premium movie channels, but only for the boxing.

  20. M. Kitchell

      thanks nick, i don’t plan on it ;)

  21. M. Kitchell

      hey thanks.  yeah, some sort of weird combinatory effort between puppet master, planet of the apes, and the x-files fed into a singular entity that can be described as ‘my sexual interests,’ or whatever.  

      & yeah, years post workshop experience i’m pretty over it, but i still haven’t actually done anything with that story beyond the DC workshop.  

      i think i am just obsessive w/r/t processing things, idk, i still feel pretty lazy & passive most of the time.  just gotta push i guess.

  22. lorian long

      i remember the xfiles on friday nights and my mom would have to tape them and watch them first to make sure they were ‘appropriate.’ i went to like conventions and shit. i had a tshirt. as much as i like moments of skinner, i think ultimately he was the ‘downfall’ of the show. he introduced too many bureaucratic threads, too many political characters, and the weirdness of america was lost to the inside of an office building.

  23. shaun gannon

      i have to leave for work in a few minutes but you can bet yr sweet bippy i’m going to write a massive x-files essay here when i get home (teaser: i disagree with you re: skinner but i can see what you’re saying, and agree with you on the direction the show changed and how it became inferior. another teaser: FUCK kirsch.)

  24. mimi

      i recall liking the bureaucratic shades-and-shadows and the cancer-man doom-factor

      and i liked the ‘i made this!’ in the credits
      (or am i recalling incorrectly? correct me if necessary)

      (shamelessly shunning work-duties right now)

  25. lorian long

      oh man it is ON.

  26. adam m.

      wanted to like
      tried to likecould not like

  27. postitbreakup

      I liked X-Files for awhile, I never watched it religiously because I was too young for the first few years, but then I started watching it with my dad and then Fight the Future came out and I thought it was excellent at the time so I watched for a few more eps, but once it seemed to abandon the movie storylines I lost interest and only watched sporadically.  I did catch the finale, though.  

      I loved the mytharc aspect of the show and the idea that it would one day all tie together.  Y2k frenzy was happening at the time, and I became obsessed with the idea that the show should do a thing about it, like  maybe all the infected bees from the movie could get released in the middle of the Y2k black-out.

      I tried to go back and watch just the mytharc episodes (there’s a list on a fan site somewhere in my bookmarks) but lost interest.  Not only did seeing the finale kind of make the mytharc lose its luster–super soldiers, wtf?  (the black oil stuff was cool, though)–I too felt like I really wanted to be watching Twin Peaks instead.  But even when I watch Twin Peaks, I get that same feeling, because I saw the movie first and loved the shit out of it, so on the series, all the parts that aren’t Agent Cooper/Laura/Red Room related directly bore the shit out of me (hate Josie and the inn and all that, and James was terrible, and the curtains lady was only amusing for a few minutes).

      (Note: Bobby Briggs is an exception to this, because he’s so fucking hot.)

  28. lorian long

      i think the ‘i made this’ was the sound guy’s son or something. jesus christ i totally knew that. and i liked the cancer man as mulder’s father storyline, too.

  29. M. Kitchell

      true story:  fox mulder was the first dude i ever realized i was attracted to (in like a severe way at that)

  30. M. Kitchell
  31. M. Kitchell
  32. mimi

      me too

      ha ha ha just kidding

  33. shaun gannon

      this is a reply to both postitbreakup and lorian long, but i’m only going to arbitrarily reply to one comment so as to not post this huge thing twice and to keep all my thoughts in the same section.

      i actually came into x-files because i’d watched the first season and a half or so of twin peaks for the umpteenth time (i watch at least half the the show once every two months or so – i don’t intentionally give up, i just start to wane in dedication of time as the show goes from uniquely/charmingly goofy into forced goofy). i thought ‘man i really want to watch something similar’ and i’d heard/ i knew the early x-files would be a perfect fit, and this was correct. the mysteries in the episodes are actual MYSTERIES, rather than laborious investigations. not only do you want to know what exactly is causing these murders (or not murders, in the very rare instance), but you also have the mystery of ‘what evidence of paranormal activity is going to come to light’ and ‘how is scully going to react to this.’ you also had a score by mark snow which in the early episodes is so close to badalamenti’s work (discounting the theme) that i could be looking at something other than the tv and think ‘damn, that’s some TP shit.’ as the show went on, all of these aspects slowly went away. the music gave way to either goofy tunes or more boring orchestral pieces (with the few exceptions that used interesting music, like the cognitively dissonant use of Cher in the Great Mutato episode, which is great, and the Burt Reynolds episode, which is probably the only totally awesome episode in the last season). the mystery of who/whatdunit became more obvious as they revealed more and more of the killer in the cold open. the mystery of ‘what will come to light’ went away because the show hammered on you that the government wasn’t going to let ANYthing come to light, which was cool but after 9 seasons it got old and you knew where everything was going to end up at the end of the episode (under the rug). the mystery of ‘what’s scully gonna say’ was still a little interesting because even after she’s abducted by the government (a “twist” i really liked (twist in that it wasn’t explicitly aliens)) she still denies things, but eventually decides ‘eh i don’t deny them anymore’ although the timing of that didn’t make sense considering she’d seen SO MUCH SHIT including her own quasi-daughter and proof that she was an alien hybrid baby.

      because these things went away, we got more of the bureaucratic bullshit storystuff that lorian was talking about. kirsch was the worst character on the show, even worse than kryczek, because at least watching them deal with kryczek was funny. it amazed me how long it took for him to come to his conclusion, and i LOVED watching skinner talk to him, which reminds me, i really liked skinner because he went outside the law often but not until he felt it was necessary, so there were times he would flat-out say ‘my hands are tied’ and not help, and having that sort of conflict was good because it felt like it was coming from a character. with kirsch, he was solely there to stonewall. he embodied antagonism. i was so god damn mad that he never got shot. he would be a total prick to anyone close to the x-files, and i loved how nearly every episode in s8 ended with him telling doggett “LET IT GO JOHN OR I’LL FIRE YOU FOREVER.” if a character exists just to create problems, extend the episode time, and not even remotely resemble a person, you know you have some bad writing on your hands. (also the fact that having a dude who looks like mitch pileggi in what essentially was an action thriller show by that point is hilarious to me. remember the earlier episode where he banged that prostitute? god that was so gross/hilarious)

      the smoking man was the opposite of the bureaucratic shittiness. his storyline involved a LOT of the paranormal, but he wasn’t interested in that; he was interested in running a bureaucracy. he did terrible shit to make things run how he saw was right. agent spender was irritating but i did like his last episode as working on the x-files (was that the s7 finale? i don’t remember) and how he threw all the evidence he had in his dad’s face and refused to deal with it or be his dad’s pawn. i didn’t like how the smoking man came back once more to get thrown down the stairs (also known as being Charles Xaviered), and i sure as hell didn’t like him looking like a crazy wino in a wheelchair hiding with one other person in the middle of nowhere in a ruined mexican castle. what was the point of that.

      the writers have said (i.e.: imdb says) the super-soldier plotline was made in an attempt to drum up interest in the show again, an attempt to generate a second wind. we’d seen enough of the black oil/abductee plotlines (and yes, they were a lot cooler), and i agree that keeping those going would have been too much. but seriously, super-soldiers? that’s pretty lame. the only good part of it is that john locke was one of them. (i think terry o’quinn is the only person who’s had THREE different roles in the x-files universe, four if you include his role on Millenium. my only complaint is that he did not play 100 roles in every episode (i love terry o’quinn so god damn much).)

      the mytharc in the show is downright awesome, but even the earlier episodes have their flaws. everyone should be able to admit that david duchovny is not a believable crier, at least not on the x-files. also, how many god damn Evil Kid episodes do we need? I can think of 5 of them off the top of my head, and that’s 5 too many. It’s a terrible cliche and I hate it even more than the Precocious Child, which I hate a ton.

      Watching X-files all the way through just made me wistful for early X-files, but i ended up cutting out the middle-man and just going back to Twin Peaks, which I will rant about in mike’s post on david lynch. awaaaaay~

  34. shaun gannon

      i was not joking when i said massive, and that only summed up about 2/3 of what i felt about it

  35. M. Kitchell

      holy shit shaun i love you

  36. postitbreakup

      Great find.  I had no idea the conspiracy got that weird.  I remember them finding the ship on the beach and starting to say we were from aliens, but didn’t know the extent of it.  Or about why GA was in season 9.  Actually, I don’t know if I watched a single Doggett/Reyes episode, unless they were in the series finale.

  37. lorian long

      i just read that whole fucking thing. i drifted in and out of the last 2? 3? seasons, so it was interesting to read what i missed. i had no idea gillian anderson hung around for so long cuz of $$$, but she DID get paid less than duchovny, so who can blame the woman. and all the homoeroticism! i had no idea! you said mulder was yr first male crush, and i think scully was my first, um, ‘taste’ of being queer. i must’ve masturbated like a thousand times to that rolling stone cover where anderson is on top of duchovny in bed and you can see the slightest squish of her tit. i still have that magazine back in ohio with all the other crap (tv guides, xfiles postcards, mark snow CD, xfiles movie soundtracks, I WANT TO BELIEVE poster, etc. christ.). mike we should totes have an x-files marathon viewing week when u get here. 

  38. postitbreakup

      i think mine was max evans from roswell.  but here you go

  39. lorian long

      i watched the x-files from the time it first aired up until maybe the 6th or 7th season (around the time the whole duchovny battle took place. idk, i guess i was so emotionally involved with the show for so long that i took it personally and actually lost a lot of respect for duchovny as an actor when he pitched a diva fit. i was also young and didn’t realize how splendidly messy and awful shows can become when they fall apart–thanks to mike for that article which pointed out the ‘self-awareness’ inherent to falling apart). yr right on point with the ‘mystery’ vs. ‘investigation’–like every episode was so contained and perfect it created its own little novel, tho some of the early threads were introduced in this graceful, patient way (skinner, mulder’s sister, the lone gunmen). everyone just took their fucking time, and it worked. 
      happy u mentioned the music, too, cuz i think that gets overlooked. mark snow was fucken genius, and chris carter was genius, and that fucking episode HOME with ‘wonderful wonderful’ playing in almost every scene is still one of the best hours of my tv-watching life. i had nightmares for weeks after that one. god, there was so much attention to detail in every single episode, like the significance of all the numbers on various time clocks throughout each scene, and character names, and town names, and those fucking sunflower seeds mulder was always eating. i think those quirks got left behind once everyone started shooting guns and shuffling papers in boardrooms. 
      i rlly hope there’s a montage somewhere of every time skinner said ‘my hands are tied.’ if there isn’t, we should make one. 
      mike’s post on ‘fanaticism’ a few weeks ago made me want to write about the xfiles. i loved that show so much i would cry during the credits because i knew i had to wait another week. it also had a lot to do with my adolescent ‘crisis of faith’ or whatever, cuz i started watching this show around the same time i stopped praying to god because god wasn’t making shit happen but i was so desperate to believe in something bigger greater than me than all of us (this is a couple years before i found literature) that i followed mulder’s faith in aliens and you bet yr ass i plastered my room with UFO sightings and alien posters and omg this is embarrassing. i just really liked the xfiles. goodnight. 

  40. M. Kitchell

      we are going to be best friends bb

  41. M. Kitchell

      we are going to be best friends bb