May 31st, 2011 / 1:01 pm

Curb Dance by Harmony Korine

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  1. Brian McElmurry

      Sounded like Allen Ginsberg reading a poem.
      I don’t want to go to work anymore
      makes me question every aspect of my life
      ogle the women on the bus and in starbucks.
      dance on a curb with a skateboard and
      drink beer with your friends in fields behind apartments
      pot in the glove box and kerouac in your hand
      Harmony Korine never left adolescence
      I don’t want to either

  2. Tummler

      Apparently, curb dancing was a major influence when Harmony started developing Trash Humpers.

  3. Scott mcclanahan

      Hah.   This is great.

  4. Jpetercone

      I also enjoy its variant cousin: 


      This deviant form differing precisely in the use of the face where the feet normally 
      do pound. 

      But it is bloody, even delicately performed. 

      And brief, acutely. 

      ~ J. 

  5. Kristen Iskandrian

      i keep tap shoes in the trunk of my car, no joke.

  6. Donblue_usher

      My brain doesn’t get Harmony Korine much, but most other parts of me do.

  7. Anonymous

  8. Craig Ronald Marchinkoski

      not sure he’s winning any new fans with this video. but harmony has always held my heart. and never have i  been afraid. 

  9. Derek

      Sounds like Harmony has been reading brother Markus.

  10. Anonymous

      honestly why is he even alive anymore

      no joke