November 26th, 2012 / 4:18 pm

Freedom [2010]

Online performance in a war videogame in which Eva Mattes tries to make an artwork and pleads not to be shot, only to always meet a violent death.

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  1. leapsloth14

      As odd as someone shooting a bazooka at a poetry reading.

  2. Brooks Sterritt

      “What I learned was that… if you leave it up to the audience, they can kill you.” -Marina Abramovic

  3. Frank Tas, the Raptor


  4. Frank Tas, the Raptor
  5. Stephen Tully Dierks


  6. A D Jameson

      This video keeps auto-loading whenever I visit the site and it took me a while to realize where all those walking noises and gunshots were coming from.

  7. shaun gannon

      me too it’s awesome i wish websites always made gunshots

  8. shaun gannon

      maybe if CS was about being on teams of painters i wouldnt kill him but unfortunately there’s this gun in my hand and

  9. A D Jameson

      Blake, please make HTMLGIANT always sound like gunshots!

  10. A D Jameson

      It’s cuz I use THE SPACE BAR to scroll down, and hitting THE SPACE BAR makes the video go, I think.

      … Wouldn’t THE SPACE BAR make a great name for a bar out in outer space?

  11. A D Jameson

      They’re going to show that movie about her in December at the Siskel. I’m thinking of going.

  12. Brooks Sterritt

      I really need to see that one–been on my queue too long

  13. drew kalbach

      if he had a mic and were saying DON’T SHOOT DON’T SHOOT i would probably not shoot him. but typing? this is just silly.

  14. drew kalbach

      he’s also not doing anything interesting. so of course he got killed every time.

  15. Jose Alvarado

      There was a collective doing this type of intervention in CS like ten years ago. I think they had more success as they had developed a graffiti tag that they could deploy to mark the walls, thereby working within the game’s parameters. But yeah, when a guy pops up in a shooting game begging not to be shot shot is all he gets.

  16. reynard

      i like how you guys assumed this person was also a guy, even tho the name given is eva, because the people on cs refer to this person as ‘him’ or ‘dude,’ because everyone in cs has a digital ghost penis, even tho the name given is eva mattes (altho these guys were only given the name mattes, which they pronounce matisse, which is also almost too good). eva mattes is the name of one of fassbinder’s actresses, who coincidentally played a character based on fassbinder in a a man called eva

  17. reynard

      that over-ironicized homoeroticism is the best part

      this made me think about a lot of things, and i don’t really know where to go with these thoughts: on the one hand i agree: she is asking for it, she is feeding into a dialectic, who cares, etc. on the other hand that dialectic is perhaps real, she is presenting a scenario that could play itself out irl with the same or at least similar results, but how do we know any of that? we don’t. and anyway, what would that prove? nothing, aside something we already ‘know,’ and it would just be another lost life in a sea of death. mostly though, it doesn’t show enough skin

  18. Nathan Jackson

      This website is one of my 3 homepages, so every time that I log onto the net now I hear gunshots. This may provide some valuable aversion therapy against the slippery slopes that I find myself consistently guilty of scrolling into, down down down more and more and more… A faint threat signal to remind me of the screen and it’s easily forgotten threshold, much quieter and more modest than an actual physical bullet exploding from a chamber in my living room, acting more like a polite mechanical clearing of the throat in a potentially stagnating page.

  19. Trey

      I saw it at the last True/False film fest, I thought it was quite good

  20. Grant Maierhofer

      i ignored this cos i didn’t know what the hell that scratching sound was but this is funny and i love this now and it’s sad and i hate teenagers

  21. shaun gannon

      oh i just assumed it was a guy because i always assume all players of counterstrike are nerdy dudes (that game is old and ugly)