March 6th, 2012 / 6:52 pm

Harmony Korine Q/A



  1. Scott McClanahan

      Woo hoo.

  2. Frank Tas, the Raptor
  3. Brooks Sterritt

      “A kind of poetry that hovers above [truth], something that enlightens and transcends the FUCK out of it.”

  4. lorian long

      he was 23 when he made gummo? fuck. 

  5. lorian long

      ‘one of my favorite things to do was break glass’

  6. Ryan Shea

      I ignored a lot of work to watch these. Thanks. I only ever found that letterman interview with him before. 

  7. lorian long

      have u seen both letterman interviews?

  8. Matt Margo
  9. Scott Riley Irvine

       “I’m commercial filmmaker. I’m a patriot. I hid in trees.”

  10. Ryan Shea

      woo, I had only seen the yellow shirt/hoodie one. Korine vs Letterman’s schmuckiness is great.

  11. jackie wang

      why does my heart melt? he says stupid shit sometimes, but i trust him. i’m a sucker

  12. lorian long

      oh man thanks for posting all 3, had a shit day and feel better now. i’ve never seen the ‘kids’ interview, ‘yr a sinner’ lolz. can’t help but think wallace was somewhat fueled by these when he wrote that story about letterman. 

  13. Alexis Orgera

      he’s filming at New College and Ringling right now is the word on the streets.

  14. jackie wang

      what the fuck! i should go track him down. i made fan mail for him a few years ago but never found an address to mail it to

  15. jackie wang

      omg it’s true. this is eating me up inside. i want to find him buhwuahaha but how!!??

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  17. Stephen Tully Dierks

      lol @ “well i think it’s just hard for people to take things that are so great”

  18. Craig Ronald Marchinkoski