October 5th, 2011 / 12:13 pm

Harmony Korine’s Snowballs

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  1. Daniel Bailey

      edited by adam robinson.

  2. Scottmcclanahan

      Woo hoo.

  3. postitbreakup

      Tried to get into this guy’s work (thought he was a girl for the longest time re: the name “Harmony”) and I get so fucking creeped out, it’s hard. I was able to watch this because it was surreal & only four minutes, but Gummo freaked me the fuck out, couldn’t make it the whole way through. More disturbing than anything David Lynch concocts, & he’s my favorite disturber. 

  4. Sandstorm

      grow some bowels.

  5. elizabeth ellen

      glorious. (was that miranda july/”pawpaw” narrating/singing?) for the record, i thought Drive was boring as shit. aside from gosling’s face. 

  6. postitbreakup

      [some other reductive & overly personal reaction]

  7. Sandstorm

      duly toted

  8. lorian long

      harmony korine is going to save us all from all of us

  9. Suck it

      this kinda sucked, although i really liked ACT DA FOOL for its beauty and honor.

  10. herocious

      so, wait, this really is edited by adam robinson of pg?

  11. bobby

      Not the Publishing Genius Adam Robinson, the Editing Genius Adam Robinson edited this. 

  12. reynard

      i believe that was a parody hook

  13. Matthew Simmons

      Best supporting Cpap.