May 24th, 2011 / 3:05 pm

Mumblecore [MDMA Films, 2011]

[More info on forthcoming full release here]

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  1. synonymous

      please. stop.

      plugging this is like accelerating into a dead end.

  2. M. Kitchell

      the only way out of the system is to aggressively speed through it. 

      ps look for my review of BEBE ZEVA up here soon.

  3. M. Kitchell

      the only way out of the system is to aggressively speed through it. 

      ps look for my review of BEBE ZEVA up here soon.

  4. MarkC

      i’m really excited to watch this. they look really cute.

  5. stephen

      i’m excited to watch this too. i like that shot at the end

  6. misskimball

      it made me want a chocolate melter

  7. goner

      Low hanging fruit. 

  8. Tummler
  9. Blake Butler

      Said the anonymous blog commenter.

  10. Blake Butler

      Said the anonymous blog commenter. 

  11. Anonymous

      This is why we’re friends Matt. 

  12. Anonymous

      This is why we’re friends Matt. 

  13. theanonymousblogger

      [BIN WIDTH] = 1533
      [BIN HEIGHT] = 788
      -fixed to prevent drawing the target box and dimensions off the main
      -moved the tick marks into a semi-transparent box on the image itself
      -fixed the tick marks labels to start from the appropriate value when
      converting from meters to other distance units
      -added a significant digit when the tickmark label value is less than 10

  14. goner

      1 person liked this.

  15. Sean

      I didn’t think I would like this, but actually liked some of it. I thought the Wal-mart angle was a bit obvious and elitist, but the idea of Tao representing a life on drugs is provocative and it seems like this film will be a love story. You can certainly see a connection between the two, though you have to filter it, since the premise is MDMA. I wish the editing process would rely a little less on verbal slips as their “in-joke” “to provide humor” “drug humor” etc, but then again I only watched this one trailer. Again, seems like a love story, and I’d rather watch this love story than one written by 6 screenwriter guys in a room.

  16. Anonymous

  17. deadgod

      Seems or ‘seems’ or could be seen to seem swagtownlicish, said the anonymous blog commenter.

  18. synonymous

      “celebrity is a mask that eats into the face” — john updike

  19. tao

      can you elaborate on that?

  20. synonymous


  21. Anonymous  

  22. Anonymous

  23. Girlyouknowitstrue

      It is like Tao Lin thought “What is the most banal and uninteresting type of film? And how can I make it even more boring and juvenile?”


  24. tao

      i probably thought almost the exact opposite, something like ‘what kinds of movies am i most interested in [that can be filmed with two people and a macbook], and how can i make it more interesting, to me?’

  25. Trey

      I was going to post that “I see what you did there” pic of Fry but HTMLG is already too much like 4chan

  26. Trey

      how full is this full release?

  27. Anonymous 

  28. Anonymous

  29. Anonymous

  30. deckfight

      thought this was called: ‘megan, tao and puffy chair take the stairs.’

  31. oh

      is there nudity in this?

  32. Anonymous  

  33. Anonymous

  34. Anonymous

  35. Anonymous  

  36. Anonymous
  37. Anonymous

  38. Anonymous
  39. Anonymous

  40. Anonymous
  41. Anonymous

  42. Charlie Waddell

      I am excited to see this. I think it’s interesting to see into another person’s reality. Can I be objective about Tao’s reality compared to mine? Or will my response be naturally subjective? I think it’s a wholly good thing to be challenged by a work.

  43. Mark Buckner

      I like the name “Mumblecore.” I like the suffix “core.”