May 13th, 2012 / 4:51 pm

Steve Roggenbuck’s this is how we live in this world


  1. rawbbie

      I really like the Friday Night Lights soundtrack. Oh, and dog wangs. I like dog wangs.

  2. lorian long


  3. shaun gannon

      okay, dog, okay

  4. Michael Jacobson

      Great vid Steve!

  5. Frank Tas, the Raptor
  6. Rachel Hyman

      I heard someone that sounded like Steve Roggenbuck in the grocery store the other day, like exactly like him, in his videos, and did a double take.

      It wasn’t him.

  7. Ben Roylance

      I love Steve

  8. bartleby_taco

      this video made my illuminati cockboy cry tears in happiness and pleasure i told him “there, there” we hugged thank you steve

  9. Anonymous

      Kepp liven ur lief Rogerbuckk !!

  10. Chris Cameron


  11. Júlia Stral

      You make me happy! :D

  12. James Ganas


  13. Jack Gooding

      I Love Steve Roggenbuck.
      He Makes Me Happy.
      Truly He Is The Happiest Man Alive.

  14. Roy Hutchinson


  15. Omar De Col


  16. Walter Mackey

      my mom saw this and turned into a satanic bat queen of the night wow i’m gay

  17. Omar De Col

      this video is amazeing

  18. Steve Roggenbuck

      thakn u i got oficial permision to use any song’s of friday night light’s best thing that hapened of my life yet :)hehe

  19. Britany Marsolais


  20. Steve Roggenbuck

      i jus cam up with another idea for drake Conside this Botany hunter :) 

  21. Steve Roggenbuck

      Shaun hav u ever even talke to a dog befor haha Dont jugdge what you cant undestand

  22. Steve Roggenbuck

      thank u michael i lov u

  23. Steve Roggenbuck


  24. Jory Avner

      Always an inspiration.

  25. Donna Marie

      Living the lief.

  26. Steve Roggenbuck

      hehhe i was recording a litle in a grocery/convenient store  but it was in washinton state :P

  27. tyler arsenault

      i coboosted pretty hard w/ some militayr bros this weekend to skrillex and thought of u

  28. Steve Roggenbuck

      i lov u to ben, wehn we hug there is gonna be angel’s crying. hehe.. nice

  29. Steve Roggenbuck

      im bringeing cockboy’s and there owne’s together Coments like this its the greates reward’s of how i live

  30. Steve Roggenbuck

      thank u arron :)hehe

  31. Steve Roggenbuck

      chris,, d you realize your  a hecker,

  32. Steve Roggenbuck

      :) julia your awsome

  33. Steve Roggenbuck

      hot mama of my lief

  34. sam salvador

      using explosions in the sky to make yr mountain shots epic is like lebron james going to the heat

  35. Steve Roggenbuck

      Jack i will hump your son

  36. Steve Roggenbuck

      thakn u fricking saucey mama of nroth carolina moutnain range

  37. Steve Roggenbuck

      thakn you omar i love you :)hehe

  38. Steve Roggenbuck

      hehhe if i was gay i woudl say “im gay” all the time im not even gay and i stil say it somtime 

  39. Steve Roggenbuck

      i got “seether – phtograph.mp3” tatood on my calf’s :D :D

  40. Steve Roggenbuck

      :)i lov u jory

  41. Jack Gooding

      Steve Roggenbuck Is Amazing.
      Steve Roggenbuck Kicks Ass.
      Steve Roggenbuck Is Great.

  42. Steve Roggenbuck

      hehe thak you dona

  43. Steve Roggenbuck

      Nice did u get there phone nuembers’

  44. Steve Roggenbuck


  45. Steve Roggenbuck

      Jack your too nice and i lov u

  46. Jack Gooding

      Feel                        My                
       Free.                      Son                                              I
        I                            Loves              Honestly                  Won’t
         Have                      You                 Just                        Mind
          Zero                       Steve.             Kick                        At
           Objections                                     My                         All.
            To                                               Ass.

  47. tyler arsenault

      ya they were all all 6’es though

  48. Martin Mercer Knowles Buckley

      steve is so yes

  49. Anonymous Anonymous

      you make me feel 

  50. Steve Roggenbuck

      nice no wander they love skrillex!!!

  51. Steve Roggenbuck

      hehe thank u martin :)

  52. Eliza Weber

      my gay husband want sto have a tattoo on his knukels the tatoo is , “bear cock”

  53. Charles Hamilton

       i am using this comment section as a boosting mechanism, i want to boost someone named steve today right now

  54. Steve Roggenbuck

      666 i lov u charles :)

  55. Zachery Wood

      “i’m crying rite now” -barack the bounty huntre

  56. tyler arsenault


  57. Anonymous

      Haha frick poetries Neil hamburger

  58. Nich Eggert

      ‘bitches suck my nuts because i look like a prophet’

  59. shaun gannon

      yeah this is my mom’s puppy named puppy

  60. Sarah Karawane Ling

      my dog didnt delete his posterous?

  61. Scott McClanahan

      Cool vid.

  62. Willis Plummer

      Think Steve is doing serious work on making us all happier better more-adjusted people wth the capability of harnessing the power of yolo.

  63. Ted Ofner

      Big Nucks

  64. Steve Roggenbuck

      it”s one of the more emotiaonl game show’s on tv

  65. Steve Roggenbuck

      how the heck

  66. Steve Roggenbuck

      i think i”m neal

  67. Steve Roggenbuck


  68. Steve Roggenbuck

      (he  toled me he woudl )

  69. Steve Roggenbuck

      thank u scott

  70. Steve Roggenbuck


  71. Steve Roggenbuck

      thakn u so much willis :) lov u bb

  72. Reed Faulk

      u r gona go viral!!

  73. Justin Roberts


  74. Dave Shaw

      um wow bruce lee can kick ur ass upsides down

  75. deadgod

      fall water

      the watch and you

      with waterfall

      a to next sit

      to want


  76. Ike Eisenhower

      This is quite good. Quite helpless, quite good. I busted (I busted).

  77. Steve Roggenbuck

      bust my dad” wide open

  78. Steve Roggenbuck


  79. Steve Roggenbuck

      um did u evan watch my figthing vidoe where i kick the asss of a hot man :D :D

  80. Steve Roggenbuck

      thakn u cat freind

  81. Steve Roggenbuck

      heheh my cat is adicted to pinesol air fresher

  82. Steve Roggenbuck

      that”s the best new’s i hav heared all week

  83. Steve Roggenbuck

      <3i love u thank u for watching thsi

  84. Steve Roggenbuck

      Jack how dd u creat such beautiful art in you’re commet

  85. Stopdrop

      @tickling satans feet

  86. Lucy K Shaw

      wow this video made me feel 130% happier during the time of cholera 

  87. Ben Lee

       shit my bed shit my bed shit my bed

  88. Bob Holzhausen

      This is how steve changed my life. 

  89. Steve Roggenbuck

      :) i lov u bob 

  90. Steve Roggenbuck

      shit my bed

  91. Steve Roggenbuck

      boost i lo ve that

  92. Steve Roggenbuck

      nice try he”s not ticklsih  hehehh

  93. Ross Brighton


  94. Ross Brighton


  95. Ross Brighton


  96. Benjamin King

      Felt like I was watching “the real” Breakfast Club

  97. tao lin


  98. Steve Roggenbuck


  99. Steve Roggenbuck

      tha’s because u were

  100. Steve Roggenbuck


  101. Steve Roggenbuck

      god poitn, thank u

  102. Steve Roggenbuck

      yes i am thakn you

  103. Chess Slusarczyk


  104. Steve Roggenbuck


  105. Steve Roggenbuck


  106. Austin Islam

      I don’t know what this is. I was searching for recipes of vinegar solution to clean my grandma’s rug of mustard. I figured mustard as a vinegar-based condiment would be highly dissovable in vigrar. But I found this and it is not safe for home or work or daycare. Highly repulsed. Reporting to authorities. Regards.

  107. iacus
  108. Mason Nygard

      Steve im boosting to hard catn stop me now thankkks

  109. Steve Roggenbuck

      thank’s im hot

  110. Steve Roggenbuck


  111. Steve Roggenbuck

      you earne it :) :)

  112. Jackson Nieuwland

      666 bitchboy hustle

  113. dl.flsxzkmrkyrzk

      “my new band is called Rho-do-dendrawwn Draive”. hahaha effff those voices. Just argh this was intensely brilliant

  114. Steve Roggenbuck

      heheh thakn u so much :)

  115. Steve Roggenbuck

      yes u understand me

  116. Bobby Dixon

      heckers going to heck 

      when is the kvlt black metal album coming out 

  117. Stephen Tully Dierks

      Steve thank you for murdering my dog he is now 5 yrs old

  118. A D Jameson

      Shouldn’t it be “How we liev in this world”?

      (Awesome work, Steve! Boost!)

  119. Steve Roggenbuck

      my lief itself is a kvlt baclk metal album u hore :) :)

  120. Steve Roggenbuck


  121. Steve Roggenbuck

      BOOOOOOstboostboost ehheh

  122. Melissa Broder


  123. megan boyle

      so sweet :)

      wish my dog would go bald for me

  124. Jackson Nieuwland

      just drop the soap and put your hands in the air

  125. Steve Roggenbuck

      hehe suck’s for u :) 

  126. Steve Roggenbuck

      :) :)

  127. elizabeth ellen

      waiting for james franco to buy the rights to this and/or to play steve roggenbuck in biopic.

  128. Trellis Jance

      im a crazy fricker im a crazy fricker ::))))

  129. Steve Roggenbuck

      heheh booost :) : )

  130. Steve Roggenbuck

      heheh booost :) : )

  131. Steve Roggenbuck

      it”s basicly the sam plot as “127 hour’s” wat woudl be the point haha :)

  132. Steve Roggenbuck

      it”s basicly the sam plot as “127 hour’s” wat woudl be the point haha :)

  133. Spencer Lewin

      wow i am in aw

  134. Craig Ronald Marchinkoski

      this was a levi’s commercial, glenn beck would be boosting in a pair of commuters. front line.

  135. Steve Roggenbuck

      hehhe bost thank u for checkin it out

  136. Steve Roggenbuck

      hekc yes glen beck in one of my vid’s nice