November 1st, 2010 / 10:48 am

VBS’s Haitian Nzambies

Vice TV just finished up running a fascinating 6 part documentary, Haitian Nzambies, in which Hamilton Morris (of Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia) travels to Port-Au-Prince in search of a Vodou solution rumored to create actual living zombies: people so close to death that they are deemed dead by physicians, but are actually alive. During his early research he is taken to a voodoo ceremony where a woman spazzes on a possessed chair and he is told that if he has sex on Thursday anytime for the rest of his life, he will be killed. That’s the beginning. Watch if you’re into corpses, ritual sacrifice, ember eating, black magick, and Vice-style seeking for an answer to the zombie powder quest.

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  1. Jamieiredell

      Hamilton Morris needs to fucking eat something. Stupid fucking hipsters.

  2. kristin

      he just seems like kind of an ascetic. i mean, look at his idea of ‘packing for haiti’. i was pretty certain the final shot lingering on the door to his studio was going to wait for him to walk back in so he could grab his moleskine and a larabar and maybe a pair of flip-flops.

      somehow i think that the ethnobotanist’s lack of footwear makes him infinitely more qualified on matters of zombification.

      this is really cool, looking forward to watching the rest of these, thanks b.

  3. Roxane

      There are a few things wrong with this.

  4. Roxane

      And is it even possible for an American to discuss Haiti without trotting out the “poorest country in the Westerh Hemisphere” thing?

  5. Rada

      I agree that is said frequently but who cares, unless you are Haitian. I watched the entire thing and was amazed with the accuracy of the information and I consider myself relatively well informed on the subject (have read a few books by Riguad and Metraux). Anyway, amazing documentary, I cant wait for the article to come out.

  6. reynard seifert

      hamilton is the man, nothing is wrong with anything except ignoring everything people are ignorant you may as well start from an ignorant perspective and work your way up to failure

  7. Rada

      Also some of the strangest narration (re-watching the jean claude van damme earlobe flicking moment). I like his travel diaries as well.

  8. Roxane

      I am Haitian.