October 22nd, 2010 / 5:00 pm
Literary Magazine Club

What We Talked About This Week in LMC

We kicked things off and got lots of shot outs at awesome places like the LA Times, Bookslut, Omnivoracious, Impose, Bark, and others.

Tom deBeauchamp wrote about Bradford Tice’s How to Be American Boy.

Kevin Lincoln penned a letter to Padgett Powell.

David Peak had some observations about Ken Sparling’s Elrond.

Gian, the editor of NY Tyrant generously made a PDF of NY Tyrant 8 available so anyone can participate in this month’s discussions. If you’d like to access the PDF, you simply have to join the Google Group by sending me a message.

Next Thursday, at 8 p.m. EST, we’ll be chatting with Gian. Come with your questions about NY Tyrant 8! More details, Monday. Mark your calendars now.

Meanwhile, it’s the weekend. Get down with NY Tyrant 8. What piece did you enjoy most in this issue? Why? What piece did you have a problem with? Why? Let’s talk Tyrant.



  1. Kyle Minor

      It’s nice to have links to the PDF’s, for those of us following along in a minimally participatory but enjoyable manner. Thank you for doing this, Roxane.

  2. alexisorgera

      Are we famous yet? Nice work, Roxane. I’ll be reading along as soon as I can finish this great Lance Olsen book I’m reviewing, along with about ten books of poesie.