November 12th, 2013 / 10:27 pm
I Like __ A Lot & Massive People

<3 Love & Lovers <3

Whoa, hi, I’m still reeling from this reading I went to on Friday night, which was all about Perfect Lovers Press, which is run out of Cincinnati, which (PLP + Cinci) is run by Dana Ward and Paul Coors. It was held at The Poetry Project and it was something that went really, really late into the night and it was something that was just about perfect–with amazing readings from amazing people like Yvette Nepper (who just ruined everyone so here’s her chapbook) and Sue Landers (who has a chapbook called What I Was Tweeting While You Were on Facebook, but I can’t find a link so yeah holler @ Dana & Paul) and Micah Freeman (who said “Hi” to everyone and read these amazing poems that are kind of about Amy Winehouse but also not really, it’s all about our peaks and valleys, the whole thing) and John Coletti (who just wow) and other people and especially Leopoldine Core, who I have really, really liked for a really, really long time so I took some video:



and I just thought everything she read was so full and so rough, especially when she’s all:

i’m ashamed
of how easy it is
to know me
i’m so familiar
naked all the time
my same legs
my ass
i am such a weird little girl
for wanting to live in your
picketing in the heat
like an ant

and I don’t know what else to say, besides energy, man–it’s kind of everywhere.

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  1. DJ Sweeney

      Cincinnati for life. go Bengals.

  2. Tracy Dimond

      “A monster is a creature of the present.”


  3. Mark Cugini

      Yeah, she’s pretty OK.

  4. deathbyragtime

      damn…i’m so sad that i missed this to go buy an air mattress :(

  5. Mark Cugini

      jeez, yeah, you sure blew that one, i’ve got tons of air.