October 26th, 2010 / 12:32 pm

Two Obituaries: Publishing Genius & Anderbo

Publishing Genius (March 13, 2007 – October 27, 2010) Publishing Genius suffered a fatal brain aneurysm under the presumptive posthumous auspices of its genius ridden editor, Adam Robinson, whose genius/molester glasses did little to deter his underage contributors, whose logical conclusion was that being published at such place meant it was so. From chapbook genius, to everyday genius, to the genius of sticking poems (aka “gay tagging”) in or around Baltimore, one wonders how Robinson’s head could not have exploded. Their genius poster-boy Shane Jones will be hosting an all night vigil in February, in a fable-like unnamed town somewhat characteristic of upstate New York, in which precious things happen; February lasts forever, so those who are undecided about braving the snow to meet Shane Jones and his authorly beard can afford to wait. A private cremation of all ignored manuscripts will take place inside the fiery chests of those whom Robinson geniusly rejected.

Anderbo (March 2, 2005 – October 27, 2010) Anderbo was stabbed in the server to death by a near-sighted ironist who mistook them for mcsweeneys.net due to their almost identical formatting (12 pt. Times New Roman, em dash/italics heavy, wide margins). Confused about the internet’s URL implicitness, Anderbo obstinately called their website “anderbo.com,” afraid their readers would not know how to get there. Anderbo is survived by a massive masthead which includes: twelve associate editors, thirteen editors at large, a features editor, a managing editor, an associate publisher, a senior editor, and finally, an editor-in-chief, whose inferiority complex is, well, complex. Short of a staff meeting, they have opted for a large roman style orgy—and so, donations will be accepted in the form of condoms, laurels, robes, and pizza. Beautiful, kind, and generous to a fault, their “Director of Online Publicity and Outreach” will appreciate this link to the recently perished. Prior the imminent traffic, they thought “hits” was something only Michael Bolton had.

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  1. stephen

      could you do like a chapbook of these or something?

  2. Sean

      The anderbo be classic

  3. deadgod

      “genius ridden” or ‘genius-riddled’?

  4. jereme_dean

      “Shane Jones and his authorly beard ”

      stop being nice. he has a patchy fag beard.


      i hear the easiest way to get published by Adam Robinson is to email him a picture of Adam Robinson.

  5. Anderbo

      You left out the Poetry Editor.
      And what I’ve got is a SUPERIORITY complex.
      -Rick Rofihe
      Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Anderbo
      (& thanks for the link)

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  7. Adam Robinson

      I do take umbrage with “underage contributors,” not knowing what that means.

  8. jereme_dean

      it’s a joke about your perv glasses…

      i think

  9. Adam Robinson

      Oh oh. Right. Got me!

  10. Rick Rofihe
  11. Rick Rofihe