July 12th, 2012 / 9:30 pm

Frank Ocean Channel Orange Listening Party

Music by Frank Ocean. Commentary by David Fishkind, Adam Humphreys, Erik Stinson. Food by Trader Joes and Bob and Betty’s.

Frank Ocean – Channel Orange – Have Fun With It

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  1. j orloski

      The fact that no one picked out the PlayStation™ boot screen sample is pretty upsetting. I guess I’ll have to listen to the rest of this tomorrow.

  2. Erik Stinson

      shout out to glasspopcorn, shout out to kacie kim

  3. glasspopcorn


  4. glasspopcorn

      btw glasspopcorn WAS listening FREEAKS STOP Talking about SEX

  5. Lilzed

      the most self indulgent thing i’ve seen on this website 

      i heard three minutes

  6. Stephen Michael McDowell

      i thought this same thing, like ‘omg i have never hated these three ppl before but i definitely do now’

      i don’t believe in ‘hate’ and am intensely interested in this album, so i continued to listen

      now this is one of my favorite things and probably my favorite commentary on the album i have seen/heard/read so far…

      going to do a follow-up comment when i am done listening i think…

  7. marshall mallicoat

      AH: Do you think that Millennials are like more bi than other people?

      DF: More like willing to explore it. Yeah, I do.

      AH: What do you attribute that to?

      DF: Uhh, neoliberal internet shit.


      ES: What.

  8. kacie kim

      it was funny good job

  9. Stephen Michael McDowell

      i enjoyed this

      felt continuous marginal-to-extreme interest during all discussion periods

      felt i related to or had thought most things discussed in later parts of this

      things i wished i heard but didn’t:
      — [something] re odd future/the younger (13-19yo) kids who may be attracted to this via association with ‘horrorcore’ or ‘nihilist’ ‘bratrap’ despite the fact that this is not that at all

      — further discussion about lyrics as opposed to ‘umbrella critiques’ of each song (but i assume they were drunk and just kind of vibing, so ‘no bigs’)

      — [something] re the fact that the listeners are three ‘white guys’ listening to r&b album, idk…

      don’t feel like extrapolating

      i recommend listening to this ‘listening party’/album

  10. marshall mallicoat

      they talk about “what if we were three ‘brothers’ listening to this with our wives” in one part. that kind of addresses the white guy thing in a way.

      i’m also interested in what people think of frank ocean with respect to his odd future affiliation.