October 12th, 2010 / 11:53 am

Probably You Need This & Luckily It’s Free!

Written In Blood

“Covering 5 decades of haunting soundtrack music with over 100 songs! 10 years in the making, this 5 disc set includes never before released music and classic themes ranging from Ennio Morricone to Johan Soderqvist.”

Written In Blood was designed and compiled by good friend, musician and soundtrack fanatic, Nate Ashley. Nate’s been working on completing this 5-disc magnum-opus anthology of rare and essential horror movie music for many, many years. Its drawn from vinyl, cd, cassette, VHS, DVD- and in recent years- rare mp3 soundtrack sources. His knowledge of the genre and commitment to perfection has yielded what I consider to be an instant-classic bootleg compilation, featuring eerie custom illustrations and designs all lovingly rendered by Mr. Ashley himself.

Written In Blood is a truly amazing effort & I am proud to announce that Ghostcapital will debuting all 5 volumes of this collection over the course of October.”


  1. John Sakkis

      fantastic. thank you nate ashley.

  2. lorian