June 21st, 2011 / 5:41 pm

yesterday it was golf wang, tomorrow it’s to be DEATH GRIPS


get the mixtape


  1. postitbreakup


  2. Maggie

      WAH! Guillotttiiiiine



  4. Sally Jenkins

      damn, this isn’t even gritty. this is beyond gritty.

  5. Russ

      Saw this on tumblin erb awhile back. It’s totally 2001 in the best way possible.

  6. M. Kitchell

      haha yeah dat’s what i’mma thinking.  dude is cute tho.  mixtape’s pretty good, like a weird saul williams/billy bao crossover.  the unfortunate thing about saul williams was that he got boring really fast :(  

      maybe this dude won’t get boring, TIME WILL TELL.

  7. James C Langlois

      This is a pretty huge upgrade from the bullshit that produced Thurnis Haley Golf Wang. This has merit. It’s fucking hard without being stupid.

  8. James C Langlois

      Gotta add Beware. First song on the mixtape. Incredible. 

  9. James C Langlois

      Gotta add Beware. First song on the mixtape. Incredible. 

  10. Anonymous

      Jesus, Zach Hill is Midas.

  11. Anonymous

       I always thought Saul could benefit from a ‘no man’. Like a personal curator.

      “BLACK HISTORY MONTH? yea. SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY? nope. quit pandering.”

  12. M. Kitchell

      idk man, I’m honestly really fucking tired of reading about/hearing about/thinking about OF, but I will say I think that their insistent “stupidity” is subversive in its own right/part of its “hardness”

  13. M. Kitchell

      upon spending more time with this, there might be too much guitar on here for me to really get into it… i’mma go back to my 196 Clique & Graveyard Productions y’all.  also, the video single definitely has far more intensity than most of this :-/  

  14. Trey

      honest to god, I listened to this earlier today, and just now woke up from a nap on my living room floor and this song was in my dream. weird.