September 29th, 2010 / 9:41 pm
Power Quote

Power Quote: Luna Miguel

It’s impossible to support today the idea of the author as a divine entity… If we want people to approach poetry, it would be better to delete the myths.

Luna Miguel

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  1. efferny jomes

      it’s hard not to do that when she’s that hot

  2. lunamonelle

      thanx, Ken,



  3. Cannavaro

      I want to fuck her in the ass.

  4. Catherine Lacey

      Yeah, no one is deleting myth anytime soon… unless she’s talking about the myth of “The Poet.” That myth is bogus. Poets are people. Not seers.
      But Icarus, Oedipus, Jesus, Ulysses, Joan of Arc? We’ll be dealing with those myths until we aren’t human beings anymore, because they are just really big, narrative metaphors for the way our human brains work.
      See “Hero with a Thousand Faces”

  5. jereme

      oh shit catherine lacey just put you in a sleeper hold.

  6. Benny

      What a silly idea. Poetry is a myth itself. People are only people. No matter if they are poets or not. It’s not the same.

  7. Benny

      But I really don’t understand the meaning of this statement. Maybe has she ever thought that a poet was an alien?

  8. yizzurp

      Yes, delete the myths so more people will read poetry! No more “this book was created by a divine entity, read it!”, just, “this book was created by a boring asshole, read it!” Yes! YES!!!!!

  9. Trey


  10. Owen Kaelin

      But then again… with so many poets chronically despondent over not being rightfully recognized . . . why complain if a poet or two gets deified?

  11. deadgod

      Because the two misrecognitions – negligent dismissal and deification – are two side of the same culturally generative polyhedron.

  12. Owen Kaelin

      That makes complete logical and rational sense, deadparadox.