March 1st, 2011 / 10:50 pm
Behind the Scenes & Presses & Snippets

It looks like Open City is closing its pages—a real shame. Issue 30 will be their last and it’s only $10.


  1. Aaron G

      even though they always annoyed the hell out of me with their year+ response time, this is a bummer. then again, beller’s words really sum up the nature of all art, if not everything: “”These things are not institutions.” nails it. it’s sad to think how we’re all “of a time,” from bands to magazines, but everyone who reads HTMLGIANT probably knows this. the new new eventually becomes grandpa’s soiled depends. wheteverohwell.

  2. karl taro

      i’m disappointed. always one of my favorite journals—and it had come to seem an institution.

  3. Rick Rofihe
  4. Rick Rofihe