October 18th, 2008 / 7:28 pm

barry graham’s “not a speck of light is showing” just beat me up and i am on the ground trying to put my teeth back in my mouth using the tip of my tongue

i just read barry graham’s chapbook “not a speck of light is showing” and halfway through reading it i found myself motioning with both hands upwards, as if attempting to raise the roof from a lower altitude to one much higher.  i suspect that was consequent to barry graham locking his chapbook in the basement and forcefeeding it awesomeness.  i am being serious.  it costs four dollars.  buy it. you will laugh and feel a little sickened.   when i was done reading it, i felt like barry graham was mr.  miyagi and i was daniel-san and i was lying on my back and he was showing me how “paint the fence” could help deflect the shit that barry graham was shitting into my mouth.  and i kept trying to swat the shit away, but at a certain point, i just stopped and lay motionless, eyes and mouth open, and there was no light.

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