March 30th, 2011 / 3:58 pm
Random & Snippets

I would like to hear optimistic statements about the writing life.


  1. Sean

      Many public readings serve beer.

  2. Lincoln Michel

      “Everything is absurd when one thinks of death.” – Bernhard

      So writing isn’t any more futile than anything else. That’s kind of positive, right?

  3. ryder collins

      Ha. My first response to your statement was, I would like a beer. For reals.

  4. Jac Jemc

      1) I like finding something I wrote and thinking this is what I wanna read.

      2) I like reading something someone else wrote and thinking, “All I wanna do is read this.”

      3) I like feeling like I’m a part of something that is growing and changing and deciding what parts of that I want to participate in.

      4) I like the community. It’s so nice that people care enough to have opinions that I can disagree with. :)

      5) Even though I don’t have a job that has much to do with my writing life, I like having a life outside of that job to put my energy and efforts into. I am confused by people that don’t have an endeavor outside of their job.

      6) I like not having a job that has nothing to do with my writing. This is a lie I’ve told myself so many times, I believe it.

  5. Paul Clark

      you don’t get to decide

  6. Iskandrian

      writing ‘problems’ are good problems, and also not-problems.

  7. Nick Antosca

      I would like a patron.

  8. Daniel Bailey

      i wrote two poems yesterday.

  9. Frank Tas

      Writing my friend’s statement of intent essay for his law school application got me a free meal at Panera Bread.

      I have learned a lot about people by having them read my fiction and the various ways they react to it.

      I helped a frat win some Homecoming competition at Georgia Tech by writing a script for their performance in twenty minutes while drunk.

      My friend started a great hardcore band based on my first novel.

      A lot of my friends read my writing and then they become a little more like me.

      I’m pretty sure me mentioning I was a writer helped me sleep with my cleaning lady.

  10. stephen

      “…do you know what you will be asked when you die? But let me tell you first what you won’t be asked. You won’t be asked if you were working on a wonderful, moving piece of writing when you died. You won’t be asked if it was long or short, sad or funny, published or unpublished. You won’t be asked if you were in good or bad form while you were working on it. You won’t even be asked if you had known your time would be up when it was finished. . . I’m so sure you’ll get asked only two questions. Were most of your stars out? Were you busy writing your heart out? If only you knew how easy it would be for you to say yes to both questions.”
      – Salinger

  11. Frank Tas

      If you’re single, if you’re writing a novel and you’re single, it’s your girl, it’s the thing you come home to every night that you work on no matter how you feel because you know that in the end it’ll put you in a good mood.

  12. Anonymous

      imagine the non-writing life

  13. Samuel Sargent

      Since deciding to take writing seriously and dedicating myself to my craft, I’ve had a 100% acceptance rate. Granted, that only accounts for one acceptance but it was to the lit journal that got me re-interested in writing, so I’ve decided to feel cocky about it as long as it lasts.

      On a more general (and realistic) note, almost everyone imagines or wishes that they could be a writer, but relatively few take the plunge. Even though the reality of the writing life is miles away from the glamour and ease that the average person imagines it to be, we’re still the envy of the misinformed.

      Also, I bet there are a lot more professional writing awards than there are awards in all the major professional sports combined.

  14. Daniel Bailey

      also, i’m reading a really amazing poem by someone in my workshop.

  15. Roxane

      I love getting turned on to new writers all the time, writers who make me think, “Damn, I want to write like that,” and writers who make me think, “Damn, I will never write like that,” and writers who make me think, “Damn.” I love reading what I wrote and feeling like I made something happen. I love writing, every day. It never gets old. It never feels like a chore. I love writing more now than I ever have.

  16. Lincoln Michel

      See also: “Life’s a bitch and then you die” – Nas

  17. JimR

      What hardocre band?

  18. JimR

      A reason, the reason, reason that trumps all reason, for not stopping your clock.

  19. Frank Tas, the Raptor
  20. Sean

      Were you drunk? Were they sonnets?

  21. Sean

      Grad school?

  22. Daniel Bailey

      i was sober and i was trying to write poems like i was david byrne trying to write a book about butt disease

  23. gina

      everything from kylie minogue songs to edith wharton to stained scraps of cloth are inspiring parts of my day, because they move to me to write. i get to read things that i love beyond comprehension and know that even if i never do anything that comes close to those beloved writings, i get to be in conversation with them.

  24. Sean

      Did I read some essay about you sleeping with your cleaning lady? Did she have genital warts or something? And like you were worried if you had sex with her you wouldn’t get the place cleaned in time. I’m getting deja vue or however you spell that.

  25. Frank Tas, the Raptor
  26. Sean

      Ok, thanks. Means I still have an excellent memory and I just re-read it and laughed a bit and that set off some dopamine, so cool.

  27. Blinde Schildpad

      Hey, it beats sulfur mining.

  28. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      That’s another optimistic thing about writing! “Making people laugh.”

      And my pleasure!

  29. shaun gannon

      you make lots of cool friends if you are nice
      this is clearly not possible in any other lifestyle

  30. ben spivey


  31. karl taro

      i don’t like writing much. i just feel shitty if I don’t do it every day.

  32. Nate


  33. phill

      Out of the seven or eight-hundred thousand hours that each of us are given (if we’re lucky), someone has spent a minute or an hour or more than one of each of those reading something you’ve written. That always blows me away.

  34. Janey Smith

      It is my favorite way to waste time. It gives me a certain kind of porpoise.

  35. richard chiem

      ╔═══╗ ♪
      ║███║ ♫
      ║ (●) ♫

      ╔═══╗ ♪
      ║███║ ♫
      ║ (●) ♫

      ╔═══╗ ♪
      ║███║ ♫
      ║ (●) ♫

  36. Jimmy Chen

      a good reason to be alone

  37. marshall

      az does the chorus, not nas…


  38. jesusangelgarcia

      I’m kind of fired up about the badbadbad summer tour. It seems like off-trail adventures in live lit are more doable now than ever. If all goes according to plan, I’ll be appearing in a crazy range of unusual venues, from a solo show at a hair salon/gallery on a First Friday to a mega multi-artist jam at a massive room in NYC. Then there’s the cool indie bookshops, the raucous DIY reading series, the intimate house parties. I expect to meet inspiring fellow writers and artists and art lovers I never would have met otherwise, and I may even sell some books. To have this opportunity feels like a gift. Howz that for writing-life optimism?

  39. deadgod

      we who are a butt to die

  40. deadgod

      ha ha

      you just won the ‘meta-deprecation of the thread’ award

      non-pro, though

  41. Amy McDaniel

      this thread is weirdly depressing

  42. deadgod

      There’s tons of sex, dough, worldly power, whatever dope you like, interesting and corporeally healthy immortality, and lasagna and, for dessert and between meals, black licorice – and all consequence-free – in “the writing life”.

  43. alexisorgera

      I love to write.

  44. John Minichillo

      Cultural cache. A reason to Twitter. Excuses to yourself to put off everything else. Peo

  45. Amber

      Writing makes me feel like I am a real person, not just a hamster on a hamster wheel. Is that how you spell hamster? It looks really weird written out.

  46. Shannon

      I wrote something I find very beautiful today and I’m probably going to keep it to myself.

  47. J.V

      1.) a portion of my insanity suddenly feels socially acceptable
      2.) you get to laugh at yourself the moment you realize just how long you’ve been trying to come up with “optimistic statements about the writing life.”

  48. J.V

      1.) a portion of my insanity suddenly feels socially acceptable
      2.) you get to laugh at yourself the moment you realize just how long you’ve been trying to come up with “optimistic statements about the writing life.”

  49. KKB

      mediating with imaginary characters lets me see the multiverse