October 20th, 2010 / 11:00 am

A Random List of Things

1. A review of Ben Greenman’s Celebrity Chekhov.

2. An Ultimate Flash Fiction Package Giveaway (deadline 10/31).

3. Knee Jerk Magazine is going offline. They need help raising money for their first print issue. Consider contributing to their Kickstarter campaign.

4. There’s a new issue of absent magazine. It’s one of the only magazines I’ve read in its entirety, in recent memory.

5. Willow Smith, the 9 year old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith has a music video and I find it so damn charming and the song is catchy and I am now very confused.

6. Super Arrow is looking for good writing. The theme is collaboration. There are also submission guidelines.

7. Eco-Libris is holding a Green Books campaign.

8. There is a great story by Susan McCarty at Wigleaf. It seems so real, doesn’t it?

9. If you were curious about what the Rock of Love girls were up to, and why wouldn’t you be, there are some answers.

10. Of course there’s no 10.

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  1. Tim Jones-Yelvington

      Number 10 reminds me of how JANE magazine, in its heyday, used to purposefully pick random-ass numbers for its lists, like, 23 AND A HALF WAYS FOR ROXANE GAY TO WHIP HER HAIR BACK AND FORTH.

  2. Roxane


  3. Tim Jones-Yelvington

      dont let haters keep you off your grind.

  4. drewkalbach

      ‘i whip my hair back and forth’ is this winter’s new summer hit.

  5. herocious
  6. jereme_dean

      Re: #5 video, It looks like CROSS COLORS are making a come back. Time to bust out my lime green jean shorts from 91.

      love sees no color.

  7. Sean

      I am just finishing Celebrity Chekhov. It seems so light and mostly just clever. THEN it hits you in the spleen with a couple of gems. Tight hard, thinking-on stories. Well, there’s my review.

      I did make me re-read Chekhov (its point?).

      Also, I am going to teach Chekhov and then his book behind it–bam!

  8. letters journal
  9. letters journal
  10. letters journal

      If you search for ‘Celebrity Chekov’ on amazon.com, the 3rd result is ‘Walter Koenig autographed trading card Star Trek Chekov’, which could be the title of Ben Greenman’s next book.