July 25th, 2011 / 9:00 am

“My Life” by Joe Wenderoth

Updated. (Sorry.)

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  1. Richard
  2. Ben Jahn

      But it doesn’t become a discussion of race until the beach ball bounces into the frame. 

  3. StanfordBlanford

      Ha ha, a white guy does an ironic version of a hip hop song, sung in a slow and accented manner that calls forth his perceived absurdity of the original song’s lyrics.

  4. Matthew Simmons

      Or maybe he just likes the song.

  5. StanfordBlanford

      Sure, maybe he just likes the song, but if I had to diagnose what this guy is doing I’d say a lot of hip hop has this (for lack of a better phrase) keeping it real focus. The rappers develop personae, (that’s why he’s Snoop Dogg, not Calvin whatever his last name is) and within that character, they establish an identity, often a kind of badass one.  Taken out of context, like, for example, sung in a country drawl, the song seems out and out ridiculous. The lyrics are still there, but the performance, the intended transmission, is vanished. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with what this guy is doing, but it seems a lot more like mockery than homage to me.

  6. Matthew Simmons

      Sure. Probably it’s just something Wenderoth found amusing.

      Thing is, if one compares the subject matter of bluegrass music to the subject matter of gangster rap, one finds that—even though the slang is different—they are sort of fundamentally the same. Or pretty darn similar. Murder ballads. Drinking songs. Songs about meeting girls and dancing.

      But, likely I’m overthinking a goof.

  7. Corey Zeller

      It is Joe Wenderoth…who wrote Letters to Wendys

      He can do whatever he wants and is still fucking awesome.


      Plus, I am pretty fucking sure he wasn’t trying to make some kind of statement with the Phish version of Gin and Juice.

  8. Corey Zeller

       but now I’ll be singing this all fucking day…thanks Matt.

  9. deadgod

      whoopi going-to ‘valley girl’

      why not

  10. Matthew Simmons


  11. Corey Zeller

      I wish there was something to say besides “ha” or “lol” to that…but it is all I got.

      Have you found something that works better than “ha” to equate laughter over the computer?

  12. StanfordBlanford

      Doesn’t matter if you’re trying to make a statement or not. Sometimes you make them. But sure, doesn’t mean his fiction isn’t awesome.

  13. Matthew Simmons

      First draft of my “Success!” reply was:


      So, no. I got nothing. Except: “Success!” Maybe we should all just use that.

  14. Corey Zeller


  15. Corey Zeller

      …of course, but still…

      This Joe Wenderoth singing Gin and Juice.

      Maybe he just wanted to impress people with his amazing vocal

  16. Whatisinevidence

      The lyrics to this song are such an intense ode to hating women.

  17. Ethan

      I like how the fish swim through his skull.

  18. elizabeth ellen


  19. elizabeth ellen

      i think this dude just loves to sing. i saw him do karaoke a few years ago and he did three very different songs and the only one i can remember now is War Pigs. 

  20. Joe Don Hall

      He doesn’t write fiction–he’s a poet, occasional essayist, and honorary Butthole surfer.  Wendy’s is prose poems.  

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  24. Jon Cone

      I think he’s got a pretty good singing voice. I can’t sing at all. Not even one note. Not even War Pigs.