November 17th, 2010 / 2:46 pm


Look at this beautiful artwork by Jason de Caires Taylor.

(update: That first link seems a little overloaded, so here’s his website:

He creates people out of cement and puts them on the bottom of the sea.

Here’s a writer on the ocean floor…

i will not go on the internet, i will not check my phone

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  1. mikerudin

      This will be the cover of someone’s memoir one day.

  2. Marian May Kaufman

      That’s amazing.

  3. jereme_dean

      the link is stalling for me. Does he do sexual ones? Like underwater sea positions?

      I would support that.

  4. Trey

      I think this is really going to confuse some archaeologists someday.

  5. Guest

      You mean this thread?

  6. Trey

      internet archaeology. get in on the ground floor, it’s going places.

      that could be a real thing, maybe.