January 12th, 2017 / 2:52 pm
Behind the Scenes & Random

emoji collages w Matisse


Stefania doesn’t really use the internet but still received a package from Amazon Prime. What’s the point, she thinks, in opening the box when I can use it as a table. Plus, I’m so tired, from what, I don’t know. Let’s see, where did I put my shoes. What are all these mangos doing here and what is this new trash can? The moon looks insane outside and it’s not even full. I don’t know where this vase came from. I must be losing my mind.


Clarice can only handle art books. Right now she’s looking at Dorothy Ianonne (Siglio Press) and checking to see how many likes her photo got. She posted “Air de Paris” because it’s a controversial one involving a blow job that Instagram won’t notice because it’s too abstract. She doesn’t even really like hot dogs or donuts. She just put them there. And the white brand-less tennis shoes? Those are abstract too which makes me wonder where she’s going with that.


I was invited to this artist’s studio in Montauk. Cody, the artist who I didn’t even know, went to get elderflower juice in the kitchen in the main house which was across a meadow.  For twenty minutes this cat never crossed the rug. I could tell Cody wasn’t a musician because of the newness of the guitar and the way it leaned against the side table. There was a glass of wine I knew was for me but it didn’t make sense why Cody left it there or why Cody would even offer this to me if not to try to sleep with me. Even weirder was that Cody wouldn’t show me any of her work. After several turns at darts, trying on her ice-skates, and petting her frozen cat, I finally gave up and said, “Cody, I don’t even know if you’re real, but you remind me of someone. All the pink in your room reminds me of someone. I’m leaving now because you won’t tell me who you really are.”


Last Sunday this friendly shadow was singing and` came up to high-five. It’s snowing without any sun in Chicago, but I swear it was a shadow. It had a name.


Run away from the man who tries to wish you anything. Take the cake with you.


All of her problems were packed away or waiting to be opened. They were delivered or getting shipped. They had tracking numbers. Faye had a gift for numbers which was her biggest problem. It made her unforgiving.


The reason why this box doesn’t sink is because the fish and water are glued inside.


This is supposed to remind you of cat licks and how inconsiderate they can be.

Who needs to make an appointment with a therapist when you can walk along the palm tree lined sidewalk of your dreams.

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