November 26th, 2010 / 8:06 pm

P3T3R CHR1ST()PH3R5ON is also gone.

(Turn this WAAAAAY up.)

An obit.

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  1. I. Fontana

      TG led to Chris & Cosey and Psychic TV. For some reason this makes me think about listening to Skinny Puppy. Throbbing Gristle had some legendary shows, but I wasn’t in the U.K. The closest I probably came in terms of physically dangerous noise was Glenn Branca in a church.

  2. Thomas

      This is so sad. RIP Sleazy.

  3. Guest

      so glad i saw them on their last tour through the states. RIP.

  4. Guest

      glenn branca in a church? that sounds amazing.

      i saw merzbow in a tiny club and did it without ear plugs because i was young and stupid. i couldn’t hear for two days.

  5. Matthew Simmons

      I’ve listened to this twenty times in the last few days. Louder each time.