January 13th, 2009 / 6:38 pm

Sidebrow Anthology: 2nd post/help

I posted about Sidebrow‘s Anthology before, but I thought I’d help them w/ some details. Here, culled from my inbox:

[…] Does anyone have a reviewer they would recommend as a good fit for reviewing the anthology […] Also, any thoughts on potential outlets for reviews would also be appreciated […]

[…] If anyone is interested or knows of anyone who might be interested in including the anthology in MFA coursework, let us know and we can make an examination copy available to them […]

[…] The anthology is now available on Amazon (http://tinyurl.com/93ur6t) and Powell’s […]

[…] If there are bookstores in your area [Domestic/US] that you feel would be a good fit for Sidebrow, we would appreciate your sending those along […]

I received a copy and was thrilled by their ‘creative editing’ — not on the pieces themselves, but the way particular content in the pieces were indexed to create a ‘streaming’ collaborative narrative. It’s hard to explain, just trust me when I say it was very original, impressive, and conceptually comprehensive.

Just leave your ‘answers’ as comments, and they will be checking in. Thanks.


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      bookcourt on court st, in bkln.