October 3rd, 2011 / 6:01 pm


Cornel West got hipstamaticed recently carrying a funny sign. He, among his compatriots, want to occupy wall street. I walked down wall street once, remember seeing a bronze bull with huge testicles. If males had two penises and one ball, everyone would want to suck the ball. This is called market economy theory. Hipstamatic makes photos look older than when they were taken, the inverse way old sci-fi movies tried to make everything look new. Though they were filmed in black and white. Somebody with borderline personality disorder is said to see the world in black and white, as in impulsive and erratic abstractions of “good” and “bad,” implying that well rounded people see things in grey, like an old dog. Movements with hashtags feel like phone numbers, like if I called #occupywallstreet I’d get put on hold with Rage Against the Machine playing. A cutie like Miranda July shouldn’t talk about holes and fingers without my thinking about her MFA. (I liked her “))<>((” thing more than Salinger’s parenthesis bouquet “(((((((((()))))))))).”) I like corporations because they take care of things. Sure it’s dishonest, but so is love. They’re like bad parents who don’t care enough but at least there’s food on the table and running water. If it wasn’t for Comcast, I’d be without internet and tv and I would have to binge on Indian food, and two hours later Pepto-Bismol would have themselves a “return customer.” I’d have no choice but to pick up War and Peace and use it for a pillow. In 1965, Bob Dylan was supposedly “[…] on the pavement, thinking about the government,” which is called loitering. Robert Zimmerman found himself a more gentile name on behalf of America; sorta sad, jew know what I’m sayin? Most revolution logos include a fist, a family of fingers inside a cave. I would rather they just flip me off.


  1. Ani Smith

      poop back and forth

      (i’ve often thought of the corporation i worked for early on as a replacement for my dead father)

  2. ryder collins

      mama thinks you are trying to raise the ires…

      but this is too cute! tyrone street is a sign, too: http://youtu.be/EQDVa-dUIz0

  3. deadgod

      that middle finger “take[s] care of things”

      seems sweet

  4. mimi
  5. postitbreakup

      cool pictures

  6. MJ

      I wonder if no one is seriously commenting here on what you’re actually saying because they do not think you are serious about what you’re actually saying.

  7. joseph

      The problem for me is things are not serious enough yet for the deteriorating middle class. They are still clinging. I will not get involved until the smarties disobey.

  8. ryan chang

      or they’re self-conscious of agreeing with what jimmy said, as most of us don’t like a small number of people having a lot of money and the ‘rest of us’ having very little. i totally agree with the sentiment in this piece. not sure if all the protesters are enacting any real change, or starting new dialogues, just getting on the cover of the NYT so they can wear it as a badge when they’re out

  9. c2k

      Ironical defeatism short-circuits dialogue.

  10. c2k


  11. bemightee

      gotta dig cornell’s permascarf

  12. Lilzed

      the protest on wall street, ongoing, is global and a response to the protests in egypt and tunisia. american sink holes of cynicism or nihilistic ambivalence are not going to stop-gap the phenomenon of us finding our voices finally.

      yeah gen y, us all mostly here, is “apathetic” and “gets” the humor in this piece. but we are still finding our voice amidst all the changes happening in this country and the world and our collective qualities are evolving.

      maybe you think that there’s not much change going on, that what’s happening is the same old same old. maybe you’re a hater who’s a lover in disguise. my point is, whatever you are is a part of what is happening now.

  13. riley

      make love not war, man