November 8th, 2010 / 1:59 pm

Tree of Nowledge

Odd how the leaf in Apple’s logo nicely plugs up the bite, as if it were ashamed of its mark. The empty arc, short of being a design curve, may point to the consumerist endless hunger for Now. The prophetic bible story “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” is of course misogynist, as the anonymous authors (talk about a raw deal; imagine the royalty checks) made Eve the dumb broad who fucked humanity over until eternity, and all for a lousy apple. (For a Faustian contract, consider at least a filet mignon.) The serpent, I suppose, is brand marketing — western idol worship without all the hairy rules. Yin and Yang is the Taoist assertion that equal yet contrary forces, while seemingly antagonistic, are not only connected, but mutually dependent on each other. Drop the good and evil and throw in Yin and Yang; without judgment, we’d all be in a better place. May our revised Apple logo be a kind of iYin and iYang of the iChing. iOnce tried to meditate, per the advice of my then therapist, and fell so deep into the Holism that every atom in my buttocks buzzed, as if slipping through the universe’s sieve. It was my phone on vibrate.


  1. Ted

      just ate an apple. still hungry. might try an hp?

  2. arrqué

      who says the fruit of the tree of knowledge was an apple? my bet is either on figs or a psychedelic mushroom

  3. Guest

      God hates figs

  4. Eric Beeny

      Yeah, the bible never specifically states the forbidden fruit’s name, though one theory says it was maybe a quince, or something.

      Sweet post, Jimmy.