25 Points: Blitzkrieg

by John Gosslee
Rain Mountain Press, 2013
60 pages / $15.00 buy from Rain Mountain Press








1. Split-screen madness

2. Piano-playing, the keys turned to pills

3. A kiss on a grimy elevator floor

4. The interior of the exterior of a shut door

5. An angel with her arms torn off

6. Rejection, acceptance, rejection

7. Illustrations by Yumi Sakugawa, trees in a forest, pachyderms inside the breadth of a bird’s chest

8. Flashmobs, tornados, claws and urninals

9. An all-out assault on the status quo

10. A baker’s dozen of streets and silence mingled with the rattle of dead claws on stony ground

11. Poetry in public spaces

12. Seedy bars in Albuquerque alleys

13. Texas highway patrol I-40

14. “A big bottle indeed, unforgettable”

15. Scott Kirschner’s strange drawings

16. Two chess pieces on a lonely shelf

17. Haloes of hair and coughs on a train

18. Not a hoodlum

19. Quirk, quark, flux and flexion

20. Gosslee once had the idea of “putting a poem into bottles—corking, sealing and ribboning each one. Remov[ing] the labels from 150 green 750 ml bottles, purchas[ing] a professional corker, 500 corks, one pound of red sealing wax, one pound of white sealing wax and 150 feet of neon orang grosgrain ribbon. [He] wanted to create a functional artifact that also served as a whimsical and original objet d’art…

21. An opus in a glass

22. Lorelai took the money off the drawer

23. Gosslee might be a dog roaming from yard to yard

24. There are ephemera

25. St. Louis, Albuquerque, the Union Square Plaza Hotel

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