October 23rd, 2009 / 2:14 pm

Usedbuyer2.0 Brad Craft (recently published in Fifty Gay and Lesbian Books Everybody Must Read) has a really interesting response to John D’Agata’s book The Lost Origin of the Essay.


  1. Blake Butler

      really want that d’agata book.

  2. Blake Butler

      really want that d’agata book.

  3. Brad Craft

      Matthew, darling, never saw this link, or thanked you for it.  Very kind.  Looking around here, I must say I’m amazed with what seriousness so many of your fellow Giants seem to take D’Agata, Shields & Co.  Clearly I was mistaken in thinking that such imps and goblins have had little actual influence.  I sit amazed.  My question for all of you would be then if anyone was led by reading these books to read the more canonical books and authors with whom these boys argue and from whom they so love to pluck the weeds and daisies?