November 3rd, 2010 / 7:25 pm

After the Shya Scanlon interview, me and he (interviewer and interviewee) were thinking a little about it and wondering about how to make the posts a little more like the beginning of a conversation instead of the end of one. What do folks think about Roxane’s comment-bound discussion idea? When one of us interviews someone, would you like it if we asked our subjects if they would be willing to schedule some time to interact with commenters after the interview is posted?


  1. Kyle Minor

      I think that’s a good idea.

  2. rawbbie


  3. Shya Scanlon

      Yes please.

  4. jereme_dean

      i think the success of this depends on the author.

  5. Dawn.

      I don’t know if every interview with every author would produce that kind of prolonged dialogue, but this is a good idea.

  6. jesusangelgarcia

      Great idea.

  7. Joseph Riippi


  8. Adam Robinson

      I agree with Jereme — it’s like Q&A’s at readings. Why sit around in bad chairs to force questions when the 19 people in the room are just going to stand around and talk afterward anyway? If you bring in someone that I can’t just email a question to, or if you have a specific discussion topic, it’d be worthwhile. Otherwise the idea is just set up to fail.