November 8th, 2010 / 3:32 pm

After a long hiatus, my friend Bryan and I have gathered enough material for a nice few months of updates for our prayer narrative web journal, On Earth As It Is. First up, HTML Giant’s own Kyle Minor.


  1. Adam Robinson

      Kyle’s is a pretty honest piece, nice at the end when more than the angered agnosticism we’re given the crucial blow — that which is lost. The thing is that I know Kyle’s “personal story” from reading this fantastic interview, so I know that he knows the apologist’s response to his objections, and that to an evangelical worth his salt (and light), the objections he raises are paltry. Which I think makes the piece better. Definitely it makes On Earth As It Is a fascinating and important archive of these missives.

  2. Melissa Broder

      In my limited experience, the You of no Kingdom, no Power, no Glory, no Forever is super rad to cool out w/.