December 15th, 2011 / 3:30 pm

I was listening to an interview with Jonathan Gold and was thinking, “Off the top of my head, I can’t think of anyone who hates Jonathan Gold and his writing.” (I could be wrong. There are probably chefs in LA who hate Jonathan Gold and his writing.) I was wondering, then, if Jonathan Gold sort of untouchable. Or if anyone is untouchable. I thought I’d ask you. Readers: Writing-wise, is anyone untouchable?


  1. Daniel Lichtenberg

      Melissa Broder so untouchable.

  2. Gus Guest

      I’ve never heard anyone talk shit about Chekhov.

  3. Bobby Dixon

      I thought Tolstoy talked shit on Chekhov at times. 

  4. Tim Jones-Yelvington

      Meryl Streep.

  5. Blake Butler

      i’ve got a couple hours worth for you

  6. Anonymous

      They’re all untouchable.

  7. stephen

      i don’t understand how chekhov gets namechecked/linked to so many “sober realist” writers (just made up that description). the stories i’ve read have been playful and almost casual in some cases, and in others, example “gusev,” still don’t see how they would inspire like something by jhumpa lahiri. i was bored when i went to see a production of “three sisters”

  8. Rob

      Untouchable is the new unfuckwithable

  9. goner

      David Berman

  10. M. Kitchell


  11. M. Kitchell

      wanna bet

  12. Deadgodfan1

      fuck Tolstoy

  13. deadgod

      untouchable-impeccable vs. untouchable-dalit

      winner:  leprous shakespeare

  14. Brennen Wysong

      Greg Pruitt of the Cleveland Browns, inventor of the tear-away jersey.

  15. Chris
  16. Cvan

      Or the new unfuckable.