July 7th, 2011 / 8:35 pm

The Millions most-anticipated list for the second half of the year attempts to rip its penis off.


  1. Ken Baumann


  2. Ken Baumann


  3. bobby

      Reading the end of that first paragraph I said out loud, “ohhhhhhhhh.”

  4. Guestagain

      very funny, DeLillo in November, something to look forward to

  5. dole

      “rapture-like event known as The Sudden Departure, which has caused millions of people the world over to suddenly and mysteriously disappear. The science-fiction premise ” is not a science-fiction premise.

  6. dole

      “centered on the staggering advance he managed to procure – an art in itself, in these days of editorial caution. Expectations will be commensurately high, but Harbach’s novel aims squarely at what’s left of the American mainstream – baseball and college – and, at 500 pages, is clearly swinging for the fences.”

      oh man can’t wait can’t WAIT

  7. Carolyn DeCarlo


  8. Ned Vizzini

      Great list. Books I will buy or at least consider buying:

      The Magician King by Lev Grossman
      Blue Nights by Joan Didion
      The Map and the Territory by Michel Houellebecq
      House of Holes: A Book of Raunch by Nicholson Baker
      Lights Out in Wonderland by DBC Pierre
      Zone One by Colson Whitehead
      Luminous Airplanes by Paul La Farge

  9. barry

      really looking forward to reading bonnie jo campbell’s once upon a river. also russell banks, donald ray pollock, and murakami