December 12th, 2012 / 6:26 pm

Do you enjoy keeping your opinions to yourself and being seen but not heard? Have you been looking to de-prioritize parts of your life like “family obligations, writing, involvement with other organizations, degrees to be finished, holidays to be taken, [and] weddings to attend in Rio”? Looking to earn a low-level salary while living in fear of “immediate dismissal” if you don’t answer emails fast enough on a Saturday night?  Well then, apply now for a job at Dalkey Archive Press!


  1. Tim Jones-Yelvington

      Nick Antosca read a bitch.

  2. Gene Morgan

      They should televise this. I’d pay good money to watch “Probationary Period.”

  3. Michael J Seidlinger

      Sign me up. I want to have absolutely no life. I want to be treated like a slave. I want my superiors to never appreciate my work. I want to suffer a nervous breakdown and end up partying with the other basketcases in a mental ward. Dalkey Archive slave FTW.

  4. Don

      At least they’re honest about being evil employers and the job being horrible.

      This sounds like the summer internships at investment banks that finance/math kids do (70-90 hour weeks, on call 24/7, etc), except the finance/math kids make okay money as ‘interns’ and then get jobs afterwards that pay $100k+ when they graduate.

      The political economy of literature – especially the internship part of it – is really disgusting. I have to pretend it’s not real when I enjoy the books…

  5. Will Wilkinson

      Must enjoy light BDSM.

  6. deadgod

      John O’Brien sounds like a guy with a sense of humor. –whether in a constructive way or for evil, hard to say from the evidence of this application drift net.