January 8th, 2011 / 9:10 pm

At Luna Park, Nicholas Ripatrazone asks: What is the best single issue of any literary magazine? (via Travis Kurowski)


  1. Khakjaan Wessington

      Any of the 1998 or 1999 editions of The Baffler. Thomas Frank was in top form in those days–the essay that is also literature.

      Also, the American Poetry Review from 2001 (I think) that featured Louise Gluck. It’s the one that had the poem “Roman Study” which is 1 of my favorites by her. If I remember correctly, that one had Reginald Shepherd in it too.

      Oh! Can’t forget Vertex #1 (1973). It’s in my lap. It had…
      Ray Bradbury (an interview w/ him)
      Robert Silverberg (“Caught in the Organ Draft” is Silverberg at his ‘Dying Inside’ best)
      Harry Harrison (“We Ate the Whole Thing” I thought I hated the guy until I read this)
      Larry Niven (Lame time travel crap)
      Gregory Benford (1st print place I could find where he riffs off the Fermi Paradox. Most of the thoughts in the article have become ET canon)
      Harlan Ellison (Classic, over-the-top & ridiculous/compelling Ellison)
      Robert Heinlein (Another interview)
      It also is the first print article I could find on Dr. Jose Delgado (the electro-stim mind control guy).

      Yeah, it’s a toss up between these three, but I’m fondest of the Vertex because I bought it for $2 from a going out of business sale. I couldn’t believe I got issues 1-5 for $10 (in 2006). It pays to hit bookstores on their last day.

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