July 3rd, 2013 / 4:22 pm
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cage the prophet

“the only honest American movie star” — Paul Constant

Paul Constant, at the Stranger, tells us why Nicolas Kim Coppola is a prophet!

read it, and more, at NIC TILL YOU’RE SICK 

& if you’re in Seattle then go to Saturday’s one-day Cage Film festival called Nicolas Cage Match

(note:  i’ve been a member of the Cult of Cage for quite a while already)


  1. Rauan Klassnik

      the Nicolas Cage Match will consist of “Raising Arizona (1987), Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009), Vampire’s Kiss(1988), Adaptation (2002), Con Air (1997), and The Wicker Man (2006).”

  2. Rauan Klassnik

      but where is Bangkok Dangerous? (a movie i consider a total masterclass)

  3. jereme_dean

      I’ve heard stories of his son doing crazy shit around Hollywood.

  4. jereme_dean

      This list is bullshit without The Rock and Bringing Out The Dead.

  5. A D Jameson


  6. Rauan Klassnik

      they had complicated criteria, blah, blah .. where the fck is Bangkok Dangerous? (one of the great experiences of our time)

  7. E.A. Beeson

      A neighbor of mine whose family plot in St. Louis Cemetery sits next to the pyramid Nic built for himself goes into the French Quarter every time Nic comes to town in hopes of landing one good sucker punch.

  8. jereme_dean

      Yeah I think Face Off would have been better if Cage played the bad guy for most of the movie instead of just the beginning. I agree with the article, too much Travolta.

  9. jereme_dean

      I’ve only seen the non-cage original.

  10. A D Jameson

      For a long time a friend and I debated which was the better John Woo Hollywood film. He said Mission:Impossible 2, while I went with Face/Off.

      Then I saw Blackjack

  11. Rauan Klassnik

      it could come across really, really really fucking boring — but if you’re a Nic devotee and watch it like a hawk, well, then, it’s the gift that keeps on giving, & giving,…

  12. Rauan Klassnik

      we all want a piece of God … &, keep us advised!

  13. Frank Rodriguez

      Leaving off F/O is okay since they included Vampire’s Kiss. Cage actually tried out the technique for Face/Off in Vampire’s Kiss because it was less risky as a small budget film. Think about this. What other actor could be this cerebral, but also performative, not just trying to play character for character?

  14. jereme_dean

      Haven’t peeped Blackjack but having a difficult time believing it will trump Hard Target.

  15. Frank Rodriguez

      I Love This. The running of a Nicolas cage Film Festival is literally the plot of a novel I wrote a couple years ago (industry-rejected). I would sub Wild At Heart (roadside karate dancing Elvis!) for Leaving Arizona, which I think is a Plain Bad movie.

  16. A D Jameson

      If nothing else watch the first fifteen minutes.

  17. jereme_dean

      Why do you think RA is a “Plain Bad” movie? Makes no sense. At all.

  18. Frank Rodriguez

      I meant it just wasn’t good, for reasons that aren’t very interesting. Cage is in some crappy movies that are fun like The Rock or the first Ghost Rider. I remember just being bored unless Cage was onscreen, and then wishing I was watching a better Cage movie. I know it’s the Coens or whatever…

  19. Frank Rodriguez

      Jeez I must watch it. Lumped it in with Next and a couple others as horrible looking low budget things he did around that time.

  20. Rauan Klassnik

      when I read “the running of a Nicolas cage Film festival” I saw, in a flash, a bunch of Nicolas Cage bulls goring through hordes of his adoring, drunk fans through the cobbled streets (I liked “leaving Arizona” but that was like 25 years ago)…

  21. jereme_dean

      Cage is in 90% of the movie though…

  22. Rauan Klassnik

      except for about 15 seconds of montage gold I thought the Wicker Man was pretty boring, uninteresting,… but talking and bickering about Nic Cage movies is like rival preachers going at it about doctrine, quoting favorite bible verses, etc, etc

  23. Frank Rodriguez

      No I appreciate it maybe I should revisit it. I thought Wicker Man was funny in other parts, like the corny “visions”. Or a scene Cage tries to play with this terrible actor who plays his relatable cop buddy.

  24. Rauan Klassnik

      we can talk all we want but at the end of the day The Bad Lieutenant is the gold standard, really

  25. A D Jameson
  26. mimi

      don’t leave out ‘Sonny’!

      directed by Nicky, who also does an awesome turn as ‘Acid Yellow’, wearing, that’s right, an acid yellow sleazure suit

      and it’s got JAMES FRANCO as ‘Sonny’

      my all-time fave Nick line is from ConAir: “Put the bunny BACK in the box.”

  27. A D Jameson

      That above link’s for you, too, Mimi.

  28. mimi

      the bunny!!

      you know how much i love furry creatures

      : )

  29. jereme_dean

      The little boy makes the movie unwatchable.

  30. A D Jameson

      The little girl you mean? Me, I wish the entirety of Blackjack had been the first fifteen minutes stretched to feature length: Dolph Lundgren rendered blind by the grenade flash, and carrying the little girl on his shoulders, who keeps barking orders to him, as he blasts wave after wave of anonymous bad guys. 100 minutes of that would have been divine! And the whole film ending with his leap via trampoline into the pool, the house exploding behind him…

  31. Rauan Klassnik


  32. Trey

      of all the usernames I’ve used while playing video games on Steam, The Real Nic Cage has been a fan favorite. people respond to the cage.

  33. reynard

      nicolas cage is the reigning king of camp, i don’t know why people have such a hard time seeing that. that article talks all around camp without saying the word

  34. Rauan Klassnik

      I hear ya … Cage is camp like Jesus Christ … ?? ….

  35. Jeremy Hopkins

      I heard the only reason he still does movies is he lost a bet in every one of his prior lives.
      I heard that from someone totally unreliable.

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