better writer


On our way to the Mall today (DC) we passed some Circumcision demonstrators holding up signs like “Circumcision Decreases Sensation” and “Circumcision is Torture.” And, indeed, Circumcision is a touchy subject with many interesting ethical pros and cums. But, honestly, when it comes to circumcision there’s only one legitimate question:

Does Circumcision make you a better or a worse writer? (it must have some effect, right ??)

If it makes you a worse writer then I want the procedure reversed. I want to be uncircumcised.  And I want to talk to that cold-hearted bastard of a rabbi who took the knife to me 42 years ago and who therefore was no true patron of the arts.

If it’s better to be circumcised then great. And, thanks Reb (Rabbi). You did a great job.

And keep snipping !!!

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October 19th, 2009 / 2:41 pm