Prompt Poem: introductory statements by people in my MFA workshop

In my workshop this semester we were encouraged to write a poem a day and post the results on this shared website/forum/message-board thing called “Blackboard.” This was 100% optional and of course no one actually posted a poem everyday or even seriously tried to, I think. We were given numerous prompts and exercises throughout the semester to keep us going if we got stuck. What follows is a poem I made out of everyone’s explanatory/introductory/preface statements to their poems.

Prompt Poem

Hello! Here’s an opposite poem.

Here is a poem that is opposite of Laura Riding.

I started a poem inspired by Campbell McGrath.

See Ezra Pound’s “Alba.”

From today’s notebook entry.

After “Heart” by Gregory Orr.

Continuing what I started yesterday… READ MORE >

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December 13th, 2010 / 12:26 pm