Shanna Compton, Designer

Photo on 6-5-13 at 11.31 AM
I just got the new Peter Davis book in the mail, Tina, published by Bloof Books.

I haven’t read it yet. This is just to say that Shanna Compton is one of my new favorite designers for poetry books. Her own book, Brink, is also wicked handsome. She has successfully rethought every element of a good book design. Why put what where? The advance praise is at the end. The copyright data gets a line at the bottom of the Table of Contents because that stuff is ugly.

Also, I love Peter Davis’s poetry. Get this for your summer shelf, silly. Review it for HTMLGiant, whydoncha? Watch the trailer, which is better than your average book trailer:

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June 5th, 2013 / 11:41 am