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“Besides: to learn to use her mind’s energy against itself, she would have to add new content. Even if it was content that might eventually ease the burden of having content, at this point, she is so overwhelmed with the content she already has, she thinks she cannot take on any new content even if it’s promised that the new content will help her.” — from Evelyn Hampton’s “The End of Content” over at The Collagist; no one does clever and sad at the same time like Evelyn Hampton

Please help us welcome two new fantastic GIANTs to the fold: Evelyn Hampton, editor of Dewclaw and author of We Were Eternal and Gigantic forthcoming from Magic Helicopter Press, and Alissa Nutting, author of Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls, forthcoming from Starcherone Books. Put on your party hats!

Evelyn Hampton posted a behind-the-scenes recounting of her process of learning and moving in the inauguration of her new print journal, Dewclaw, including searching for printers, reading subs, costs, and etc. A great set of observations for those interested in how building a magazine goes. Support her, Preorder the issue!


dewclawDewclaw is a new print journal edited by Evelyn Hampton, and one I am quite excited about. New independently compiled and edited magazines. That’s what we need.

This one indeed includes a few HTML Giant writers including myself, but surely the other fantastic presences exhibited below can allow to forgive this nasty error on the part of Ms. Hampton. :)

You can also now submit for issue 2: information below!

ISSUE 1 is now pre-orderable. $9 plus $1 for shipping. Click the Pay Pal button or email me if you’d like to pay some other way.

Contributors to issue 1!

Claire Donato
Matthew Simmons & Amy Minton
Mike Young
Blake Butler
Rachel B. Glaser
Claire Becker
Shya Scanlon
Cherri Wood
Amina Cain
Kathryn Regina
Matthew Salesses
Scott Garson
Jessica Treat
Leslie Patron
Isadora Bey
Stephanie Brachman

Prose submissions may be between one and ten word-processor pages, poetry submissions may be up to six poems,and illustrators may submit up to four illustrations.

Send submissions to dewclaw.mag at gmail.com

Issue one will be perfect-bound and will be available in summer 2009. Check back here for ordering info.

Published contributors will receive a copy of the magazine.

Please check it out and show some love.

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April 21st, 2009 / 8:33 pm