Stories for the searchers

Ryan Boudinot has a new project. It’s called Found and Lost, and it’s stories distributed to readers through geocaches. Here’s a description of the stories:

“Found and Lost” is a series of interlinked short stories. Each story focuses on a main character who, in the course of the story, finds something and loses something else. The stories are set in various settings and time periods. The stories are connected to one another like links in a chain. For instance, Betty finds a cell phone and loses a framed butterfly. In another story, Juan finds the framed butterfly and loses his wallet. In another story, a man finds Juan’s wallet and loses his glass eye. The stories are linked in a circle, so that the “last” story involves someone who loses something that the “first” person finds.

Ryan has always approached technology in interesting ways—both in his writing and in the way he gets his writing to people. I like this idea a lot. I’m in favor of people giving work away, but I like that Ryan has made a challenge out of it.

Do any of you do this? This geocaching thing? Would you work for a good story? Would you search for one, given the chance?

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January 28th, 2010 / 3:59 pm