Krammer Abrahams might be serious

If he is, it’s a great day for everyone with eyelids and bees.

I like Krammer Abrahams. If he had written two 500+ page bricks, I would write a long post explaining why I like him. Instead, I’ll just say: he is making the new weird.

Here are some stories you can read by him online:
They Fucked Behind the Blue Curtain @ RobotMelon: This story has a character named ‘Boots Walking in America,’ and is presented with the above picture wherein the author wrote the title of his story on his chest.

Something About a Present Day Jesus @ Lamination Colony: (This story came with a title-chest photo also, though it aroused too much livelihood in me to post it in my post-coital leisure.)

Out of Africa @ Titular: it’s a story about Africa and prostitutes (kind of) and herpes, what else do you want?

And now, here is a press release from this man about a new journal with a new name:


is now accepting submissions. Stories will be published on a yearly basis. I am not sure when that year will start. Submissions should either be 16 words long or over 30,000 words.

Actually, I am not being serious about the ‘publishing on a yearly basis’.

I am serious about submissions being 16 words or 30,000 words long.

If you submit a work 30,000 words long I will probably read it and choose my favorite 16 words. If it is really good I will publish the whole thing on sticky notes. I do not know how I will do this. It might be impossible, but if the work is good enough I will find a way. I will be Gilbert Arenas and become a hibachi and say, “Nothing is impossible” and jump out of the upper deck and your work will be published on sticky notes.

It will be very limited. Only one or two copies will be made. More will be made for $.

I think that is all. Publishing schedule coming soon.


Eat these words and vomit them on other people who don’t want to listen but then have to think about the words you threw up on their shirts.

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December 6th, 2008 / 6:23 pm