On Bathing

Clancy Martin and Amie Barrodale’s “On Bathing” Column @ VICE

A new column, “On Bathing,” at VICE follows Amie Barrodale & Clancy Martin around the world as they explore bathhouses in a variety of exotic locations. So far it’s full of nuggets like, “When I entered the steam bath for the second time I walked in on some poor guy jacking off.” Tune in:

Week 1: Amie Barrodale and Clancy Martin at the Russian Bathhouse

Week 2: Dirty Water Dogs

While you’re at it, the 2012 VICE Fiction Issue is mostly online now, and includes a grip of familiar faces: Michael Kimball, Robert Lopez, Tao Lin, Amelia Gray, Paul Maliszewski, etc.

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June 28th, 2012 / 12:31 pm