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Here is a writing contest worth considering. I imagine the shapeless bodies of poets in a montage of activities training for this mighty event, a triumph soundtrack playing over their sweat faces, kind of like this

The Bathroom and Boo: A Journal of Terrific things present …
The First Annual Racquetball Chapbook Tournament

Tired of myriad chapbook contests whose winners are determined by their works’ literary merit? Are your poems being rejected for publication because editors deem them unfit to print?

Would you prefer your chapbook published because you displayed a level of athletic prowess and competitive determination that in no way signifies your achievements as a writer?

Are you a writer who wants an excuse to learn to play racquetball? Or a racquetball player seeking incentive for sitting down to write your first short collection of poems?

Then consider entering the Racquetball Chapbook Tournament.
In order to get your chapbook published, you just have to be the champion of our racquetball tournament.

For more info and tournament details, follow the link

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March 2nd, 2010 / 11:21 am