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Watching The Twilight Zone

A few weeks ago, the lymph nodes along my neck suddenly swelled up.  I had a doctor check it out and he determined I had strep throat, and then a week later, added mononucleosis to the diagnosis.  Sort of a one-two punch of undergraduate illness.   I didn’t feel that sick, and suffered little symptoms other than the inflamed globules along my jugular, but it became clear to me, getting drunk off three beers and exhausted at 5pm, that I should probably take it easy.  My regular leisure, after school, work, and whatever other responsibilities I’ve lined up for myself on a given day, is to kick back with a few-to-several beers and do things on the internet.  The doctor recommended I avoid this, so there was only one viable solution to passing time at the same rate and pleasure level: watch TV.  I am one of those lucky enough to have acquired a password to my friend’s Netflix Instant Watch account, and, after watching The Larry Sanders Show, Archer, The Stand miniseries, My So-Called Life, and The League in their entireties, I noticed that The Twilight Zone original series had been recently added to the queue.  Though perhaps the most referenced and acclaimed cult series in history, I must admit, I’d never seen one episode.  I resolved, then, it would be my next big tackle in my imperial takeover of internet television.


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May 18th, 2011 / 10:12 am