short story collection

Should a SS collection be all winners? Or is it OK to be like (most) albums. A couple hits, a few so-sos (with redeemable aspects, though), and, oh, a dud or two.

But why do the individual stories in a collection have to be connected in any way (tone, character, subject matter, etc)?

Collectors Of

Writer: What do you think about when placing stories or flashes or essays or poems or whatnot in a collection?

Order? Disorder? Intent?

Reader: How do you ingest a collection? Start to finish, left to right, top to bottom—blar!

Reader: A while back I was reading Drift and Swerve by Samuel Ligon and found myself intrigued by Nikki, a reappearing character. So I read all the Nikki stories first, then read the others.

Writer: Is a collection an album? Greatest hits, do you hear a single, does anyone remember the term concept?

Reader: This Richard Russo collection, it had a spectacular story, one, and the others…well.

Seems like you can crag in more tone shifts, more gnashes, poet. Can the prose writer do the same, or do these texts need to have some similarity?

You say hybrid, I say what?

Let’s bale these tendrillic texts, bathtub them, and call everything a novel! So clean!


Was just wondering. Etc.

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January 25th, 2010 / 11:25 am