October 2nd, 2010 / 5:23 pm
Web Hype

“Everything you could ever want, even if you don’t know you want it”

A cool new video series from Coldfront and Eye For An Iris Press, Tourist Trap, NYC follows and films poets visiting NYC. These people walk around and talk interestingly about things, and then they read some poems. Sort of like a Take Away Show for people who write/read poems. The first episode features Julie Doxsee, who has graced HTMLGIANT a little in the past. Forthcoming episodes will feature Matt Hart, Nate Pritts, Josh Harmon, Kate Greenstreet, and more. By posting this, of course, I am hoping soon I will be invited to appear on an episode where I’m filmed alone in my apartment, killing silverfish with a tambourine and ruefully/wistfully clicking “Not Attending” on every Facebook invitation I get for another event in “the city.” Jays and cakes! Tourist Trap, NYC is a sweet looking project, so take a look.



  1. Owen Kaelin

      An interesting film, but for some reason, just the thought of NYC makes me just a little bit ill. Every time I’ve been there I’ve only wanted to leave.

      Is this bad?

  2. Mike Young

      no, i think that’s pretty normal! i really like NYC because it seems like the only objective reality more terrifyingly cluttered and senseless than my subjective experience of reality, which is paradoxically soothing