June 30th, 2011 / 2:38 pm
Web Hype

If Wishes Were Fishes I Would Be Allergic

And now for a book trailer for Myriam Gurba’s Wish You Were Me from Riley Michael Parker, a trailer notable for its revolutionary use of pillow suicide, lampshade helmets, and slapstick vulgarity:



  1. Scott mcclanahan

      I’ve said it before but Riley Michael Parker is the Fassbinder of Portland.

  2. postitbreakup

      awesome trailer

      “my vagina needs braces”
      “i would be a better lesbian if my girlfriend weren’t a man” & the bible eating

      “you don’t have to eat shit.  just die”

      you got me riley… i wish i were you

  3. lauren

      Awesome job Riley…the funny thing is, after you showed me this last week, I realized I had the book! A friend had lent it to me, but I had left it in my bag since that day. Then I found it and realized it was the book you’d made the trailer for… it definitely lives up to this. An excellent trailer for a killer read…well done, friend.

  4. Anonymous