February 20th, 2011 / 11:14 am
Web Hype

Molly Gaudry, Independent Publicist

Yesterday morning, the multi-talented Molly Gaudry announced that she was making herself available for hire as an independent publicist. Within no time, she found herself in business. So much business, in fact, that she had to issue this press release:

Due to a shockingly overwhelming demand, I am at this time only considering authors with books that have been or will be published by the presses listed here. Please know that I am only going to take on 2-4 individual titles for the next six months, and I will have to make a lot of difficult decisions as the queries keep coming. Thank you for considering me, though, and for your support and encouragement as this company continues to grow.

For anyone lucky enough to fit her criteria, I highly recommend inquiring about her services. Molly is awesome. This idea is awesome. Cheers to her, and good luck!


  1. Fawn

      Molly is also an amazing poet, who graced the pages of The Battered Suitcase back in Fall of ’09. Best of Luck to her!

  2. adam m.

      this is really cool.

  3. MoGa

      Hi Chris, Hi Fawn, Hi Adam M, Hello HTML GIANT!

      We are not taking on any more clients at this time. I need to update that on my site. I need to write up a new blog post.

      Things are happening really, really fast.

      Thanks for your support!

      Please direct all Small Press Cooperative questions to Christopher Newgent (cenewgent@gmail.com) until our website is up and running and we don’t have to use our personal email addresses anymore.

      Please direct all Publicity questions to me (molly.gaudry@gmail.com).

  4. Dawn.

      This is such a great idea.

  5. DiTrapano

      This is weird. Ken Sparling just emailed me about you looking for work in New York and that we should meet and that he thought I could maybe help you out with finding work. Sucks that Tyrant Books didn’t make the cut of the presses you will work for. How did you deicide on the elect few? Did I offend you in the past or something?

  6. MoGa


      We’ve never MET in person! The presses on the list are presses I saw at AWP, and friends/presses that I already know. I WOULD FREAKING LOVE to add you to the list! I’m going to add you to the list! NOW!

      I’m also going to send you an email. If you see this, email me: molly.gaudry@gmail.com while I search around on the Internet to find your email address.


  7. MoGa
  8. herocious

      this is exciting.

  9. Anonymous


  10. Marcus Speh