January 22nd, 2011 / 2:40 pm
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Writers No One Reads

Do yourself a favor and add the unassuming goldmine of Writers No One Reads to your RSS feeds. An ongoing catalog compiled by the archivist genius behind A Journey Round My Skull, this blog showcases some real gems, such as A Life is Full of Holes, a book of tales by Moroccan storyteller Larbi Layachihe, transcribed and translated by Paul Bowles. The image to your left is Roland Topor’s out-of-print-and-crazy-expensive-on-Abebooks Stories and Drawings. Topor, if he’s known at all, is probably known for writing The Tenant, adapted into the Roman Polanski film-of-the-same-name. Look alive, y’all: these are the lists we’re all going to be on in 2124, and then someone is going to do a post on ħ吨米升克我的n吨 about us, and then the deadgods-of-2124 will comment being like “yeah i already know about them, here is a list of people _____ slept with and here are the brands of tissues she liked.”

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  1. zusya


      cool blog. nice find.

  2. Mike Young

      not 啥, just a haphazard google translation of the letters in a certain website we all know and <3. no doubt in real Chinese it's probably something really offensively nonsensical.

  3. Mike Young

      actually i should’ve used this one: 文学浪费时间

  4. Trey

      yes, very cool. would love to see more small press reprints of lesser known/out of print writing. or maybe I’m just not looking in the right places.

  5. Trey

      yes, very cool. would love to see more small press reprints of lesser known/out of print writing. or maybe I’m just not looking in the right places.

  6. cameron pierce

      The trade paperback edition of The Tenant by Roland Topor published by Millipede Press features the same cover art, just with a different design. That edition also features other stories by Topor.

  7. Dreezer

      That list is heavy with French dudes.

  8. deadgod

      Those’re oppressively minute things to notice or correct. Are you the deadgods-of-2011??

  9. Mike Young

      i wish, sir! as if there could be more than one. ;)

  10. deadgod
  11. deadgod

      Hardy har har. That’s sirmary or mammary to you, sweetie.

  12. Mike Young

      all my life i’ve been missing the o(a)rs.

  13. deadgod

      deadgod liked this, but despises the thumbs-up/thumbs-down operation

  14. zusya

      this works: HTML巨人

  15. Scott mcclanahan


  16. Brendan Connell

      Might be better to call it, “Writers Americans Don’t Read”. The first book on there, Imaginary Lives, I gave to my sister in law in a new Italian translation, which is totally complete, unlike that shown in the pic which was abridged even when it came out. ….Then Renard. No one reads Renard? Again, an author who is surely more popular in other countries.

  17. jesusangelgarcia

      So what you’re really saying is it’s better to be unread than unwritten?

  18. deadgod

      is it not better abort than be barren

      Writing unread, even by one’s readers, is “better” than living not-writing.

      The book’s preference for remaining unwritten is Its Own Bad Trip.

  19. jesusangelgarcia

      Too much, deadgod. “Even by one’s readers…” That’s beautiful, sad, true. The book, aye… the book.

  20. M. Kitchell

      that is because the dude who runs journey round my skull knows what’s up

  21. Lori George Alexander

      Anytime, lesser read writers no matter the country or culture gets some attention is wonderful to me.

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